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Angelville - S3-E1

Continuity mistake: When Christina is consoling the little boy, the boy's mother is stroking his right arm, but the next shot shows her arm already behind his back at his left shoulder.


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Trivia: Arseface is based on James Vance, a teenager who made a suicide pact with his friend Ray Belknap, after the two became intoxicated while listening to the band Judas Priest. Vance survived his suicide attempt, but was left with a horribly disfigured face. His parents went on to unsuccessfully sue Judas Priest, blaming the band for their son's suicide attempt.

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Question: I missed something somewhere. The whole way through, Humperdoo is viewed as the "real" son of God, whereas Jesus seems like an afterthought. What's the difference? Why is everyone obsessed with Humperdoo being more important than the original Jesus?

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Chosen answer: God made Humperdoo part of his apocalypse plan, whilst Jesus is left out. Jesus died on the cross and went to heaven, Humperdoo is the descendant of Jesus and is actually alive. Thats why he is more important, a living heir of God.


Answer: God was disappointed in Jesus, and chose to favour Humperdoo. Jesus initially wanted to be part of God's plan, but came to the realisation that it was wrong. He turned on Hitler and by the time God came back to Jesus, no longer wanted any part in it.

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