Jonny Quest

Pursuit of the Po-Ho - S1-E4

Stupidity: While flying over the jungle in the Dragonfly, Dr. Quest uses the Dragonfly's speakers to tell the Po-Ho tribe he is their Air God and is angry for the tribe taking hostages. While he was at it, Quest should have ordered the Po-Ho's to release the hostages.


Double Danger - S1-E9

Stupidity: Hadji and Jonny do not notice that when Race disappears, he is wearing a different style of shirt than when Race reappears.


Shadow of the Condor - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: The Baron's airplane propeller shaves off the blue part of the tail of Race Bannon's plane and reappears intact several shots later, then is missing again. Race returns the favor to the Baron's plane: the tail of the Baron's plane is intact in some scenes, shaved off in others.

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The House of Seven Gargoyles - S1-E23

Jonny Quest: We have a proverb in my country, Hadji - seeing is believing.
Hadji: We have one in mine, too - I'm from Missouri.

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Trivia: Vic Perrin, who voiced Dr. Zin, also voiced the opening lines of the original "Outer Limits" series.

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