The Honeymooners

Dial J for Janitor - S1-E38

Question: When Ralph promises he'll fix Norton's pipes tomorrow morning, Norton says, "This is the last night I take a bath in Fred's Gasoline Station." Why wouldn't he have been taking his baths in his best friend Ralph's tub? He had already used their water to "Stretch the Soup." Why not to bathe?


Answer: Because going to the gas station for a bath is funnier. This is comedy, funnier trumps making sense.

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Answer: It is because Fred's gasoline station was a real place that really existed in the town of Tuckahoe New York. This was where Norton, Art Carney, was living at the time. It was a plug for his friend.


Answer: Art Carney lived in Tuckahoe NY at this time and Fred's gasoline station really did exist. It was a plug for his friend at home.

Answer: There's no answer. He was probably joking or exaggerating, and, unlike getting water for the soup, bathing in someone else's bathroom is an inconvenience, and it might make Norton self-conscious and it would annoy Ralph. Going to a gas station does sound like something Norton would do.

raywest Premium member

You're overthinking it. It was a silly sitcom from a bygone era.

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Mind Your Own Business - S1-E35

Other mistake: Ralph gives Ed the advice to try to "squeeze" his boss for a promotion, but gets fired instead. When Ed comes home, he first stops in to see Ralph but he's not home, just Alice. All he tells Alice is that he had words with his boss and got fired. No details. Ed leaves and Ralph comes home. Alice tells him Ed was fired and described in detail the whole story of him threatening his boss for the promotion. Ed never told her exactly why he was fired.


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