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Green Acres (1965)

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Wings Over Hooterville - S2-E1

Factual error: In a flashback scene, Oliver is hanging from a tree after getting shot down in WWII. They ask him where he is from, and he says the US Air Force. The US Air Force wasn't formed till 1947. During WWII, it was the Air Corps.

terry s

Show generally

Other mistake: When the phone pole was installed with a "butt set" to talk with, they used it upside down for a long time. Someone must have brought it to the director, because they finally corrected the problem.

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Suggested correction: The lever is to engage and disengage the clutch, when he pulls it back that disengages and the tractor would stop.

Older tractors had a hand clutch like that.

The Vulgar Ring Story - S2-E28

Other mistake: Lisa thinks her ring went down the drain while she was washing dishes in the kitchen sink. Oliver disconnects the pipes under the sink and does not find the ring, but he removes a long blue scarf from the trap. It is completely dry.

Steven Lee

The Price of Apples - S1-E20

Plot hole: Oliver and Lisa are in a truck, taking a load of apples to the Farmers Market in the state capital. Oliver says it's a "15-hour drive." Driving 30 miles an hour, that would be 450 miles. Driving 40 miles an hour, that would be 600 miles. It was never specified where Green Acres is located but only Alaska, Texas and California extend for such a distance north-to-south and/or east-to-west.

Steven Lee

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Suggested correction: He doesn't say it's a 15-hour drive. He says it's a 15-hour trip, which could mean the drive there and back total 15 hours. Or he could be taking into account all the times they'll be stopping and traffic. Not to mention that the driving distance between two cities is always greater than as the crow flies. Two cities might be 100 miles apart but the drive may end up being 150 miles.


TV Kiddie Show Host: Sure, I remember that kid, he had on the most realistic looking pig costume I've ever seen. He won first prize.
Oliver Douglas: No, you don't understand, Arnold is a real PIG.
TV Kiddie Show Host: I'll say he is! We had five gallons of ice cream for those kids, and he ate every bit of it himself.

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Trivia: This is the first television sitcom in which the theme song soundtrack lyrics were sung by the leading actor and actress of the show.


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