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24 Hours Til Doomsday - S9-E5

Other mistake: James Pendrick shares his plans with Murdoch about how he is going to reach the orbit of the Earth by flying his own built rocket. However, earlier in the episode, Pendrick himself reveals that he is claustrophobic (extreme fear of confined places). Having such phobia would make his planned journey fundamentally impossible as he couldn't stay hermetically closed in the small rocket for long without suffering serious psychical damage.


24 Hours Til Doomsday - S9-E5

Other mistake: Pendrick states that the rocket barrel is 70 metres long (deep). Despite that, Murdoch reaches the bottom in mere seconds, has enough light to see around and is even able to hear the others outside.


The Annoying Red Planet - S1-E13

Factual error: Golf balls did not have inverted dimples until 1905, the exterior covers were dark, rougher and probably with an interior of wood. The white golf balls used by Murdock to illustrate a point had not been invented at that time.

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Season 14 generally

Question: Can someone tell me the brand of wall clock that hangs so conspicuously in the Inspector's office? Thanks.

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