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3 mistakes in season 8

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Murdoch and the Temple of Death - S8-E10

Continuity mistake: When Murdoch and Dr. Bajjali reach the grail chamber, the detective tosses a coin on the pedestal to see if it's trapped. The coin triggers the firetrap and falls to the ground. Murdoch then throws another coin which ends up resting on top of the pedestal, next to the fake grail. Now, when the detective removes the pedestal cover, there is a quick cut when both coins can be seen on the top of it, despite that the first one is supposed to lie on the ground.


The Incurables - S8-E13

Continuity mistake: Shortly after arriving to the crime scene, Murdoch instructs Crabtree to collect the fingerprints of the asylum patients - but the women in the institute were arrested before (most of them by Murdoch himself) so their fingerprints should've been collected already. It's pointless collecting them again.


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Glory Days - S8-E3

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the episode, during the final shootout, Murdoch ambushes an armed bad guy in the attic and jumps through the wooden wall with him. As they fall down, Murdoch's trademark hat spectacularly flies off his head, but in the next overhead cut - showing him and the bad guy lying on the ground - the hat is on his head again.


Season 14 generally

Question: Can someone tell me the brand of wall clock that hangs so conspicuously in the Inspector's office? Thanks.

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