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4 mistakes in season 5

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Evil Eye of Egypt - S5-E3

Continuity mistake: The snake that bites - and therefore kills - Prof. Greenwood (and which is later found by Crabtree and Higgins) has nothing to do with the one Dr. Bajjali puts on her shoulders or the one Dr. Grace dissects later on, despite they are supposed to be the very same snake. The first one is seemingly a King cobra, while the other one resembles a Python (which is not even venomous). The visual difference is totally obvious.


Back and to the Left - S5-E2

Factual error: In the opening scene when the men in orange sashes are greeting each other, you can briefly see one of the men in an orange sash wearing what are quite obviously modern sunglasses. Even if the glasses were meant to be from the period, sunglasses were not mass-produced or widely available until the late 1920's.

Stroll on the Wild Side part 2 - S5-E8

Revealing mistake: Towards the end of the episode, when Murdoch attacks Falcone, look closely: the first punch - which knocks the mob boss down - looks convincing but the second time Murdoch "hits" him, he punches nothing but the ground. Falcone is facing right while the detective strikes his left side, at least an inch away from his head.


Show generally

Question: Why does Murdoch's bike not have a ring bell or horn? He is often seen cycling through the busy streets at high speed to arrive on a scene ASAP but never uses any sound warning apart from yelling occasionally - which looks pretty awkward for an official person.


Answer: It's certainly a personal choice about using one, and probably similar to how some people refuse to wear a helmet or forego other safety equipment. Most bells and horns on bikes are not very loud and probably wouldn't be heard in busy traffic, making them mostly ineffective. Murdoch would likely still yell, even if he had a bell or horn.


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