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Barney Miller (1974)

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Ramon - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: A criminal steals Fish's gun and holds the squad hostage. He has a handcuff on one wrist with the other one hanging. The hanging cuff goes back and forth between being open and being closed throughout the scene.

terry s

Barney Miller: That's not the way we operate around here. We do everything by the book, according to regulations, above board.
Del Veccio: I believe you.
Barney Miller: You don't look like you do.
Del Veccio: It's my face. I mean this face doesn't look like it trusts anybody. When I proposed to my wife, she thought I was joking. This face is a curse.

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The Mole - S2-E22

Trivia: Ron Carey, who would later go on to play Officer Levitt in Barney Miller, appears in this episode as the mole. A jewel thief that tries to escape from the 12th precinct detectives via a sewer.

terry s
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