Matlock (1986)

Episode list - season 1

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Show generally0
1Diary of a Perfect Murder0
2The Judge0
3The Stripper0
4The Affair0
5The Seduction0
6The Don: Part 10
7The Don: Part 20
8The Sisters0
9The Cop0
10The Angel0
11The Professor1
12Santa Claus1
13The Chef0
14The Author0
15The Rat Pack0
16The Nurse0
17The Convict0
18The Court-Martial: Part 10
19The Court-Martial: Part 20
20The Therapist0
21The People vs. Matlock0
22The Photographer0
23The Reporter0
24The Doctors0

The Madam - S5-E3

Factual error: Radio talk show host David Campbell works at "WRQE 480 AM." There is no such frequency. The AM radio dial begins at 530.

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The Victim - S4-E17

Question: During the trial, Matlock says that he paid a man to follow Bret which is how they were able to find the rope that Bret used. Would what Ben did to prove that Bret was the killer actually be allowed?

Answer: I did not see this episode, but YES. Both prosecution and defense lawyers use investigators to search for and uncover evidence that is legally admissible.

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