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World on Fire - S1-E5

Wilson Fisk: We all knew, that we would need to eliminate the Russians one day. They were too unpredictable.
Leland Owlsley: This from a guy, taking heads off with a car door.

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World on Fire - S1-E5

Vanessa Marianna: I know you're a dangerous man. That's why I brought a gun... to a dinner date.
Wilson Fisk: Would you like to leave?
Vanessa Marianna: No... I'd like a reason to stay.
Wilson Fisk: [Long pause] I've done things that I'm not proud of, Vanessa... I've hurt people, and I'm going to hurt more. It's impossible to avoid for what I'm trying to do. But I take no pleasure in it... in cruelty. But this city isn't a caterpillar. It doesn't spin a cocoon and wake up a butterfly. A city crumbles... and fades. It needs to die before it can be reborn.
Vanessa Marianna: So I don't need the gun?
Wilson Fisk: No, by my side... is the safest place you could ever be.
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Trivia: Across the hall from Nelson and Murdock is an office that reads "Atlas Investments", a nod to the comic company (Atlas Comics) that would later become Marvel. The logo is the same as that of Atlas Comics too.


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Question: Are there any obvious nods to the previous 2003 film version? A friend said he thought he caught a few subtle nods to it, but I don't recall seeing any during the first two seasons.

Answer: There are none. Only nods to the comics.


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