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Rabbit in a Snow Storm - S1-E3

Leland Owlsley: You got nothing on the juror right now.
James Wesley: She's only a piece of the puzzle.
Leland Owlsely: You ever try putting a puzzle together with a piece missing? It's damned aggravating!

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Rabbit in a Snow Storm - S1-E3

Shirley: No promises, okay? Now get he hell out of my office. I have a measles outbreak to deal with, because idiot parents don't wanna vaccinate and my best nurse is out with who-the-hell-knows-what. (00:28:55)

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Rabbit in a Snow Storm - S1-E3

John Healy: I'm just gonna have faith in our judicial system... and you're gonna do your jobs.
Matt Murdock: That simple?
John Healy: That simple... And, uh...as for the man you hired you...all you need to know is, his check's gonna clear.

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World on Fire - S1-E5

Trivia: During their dinner, Vanessa mentions a prince in a white suit and an ascot, to which Fisk replies, "it's a bit much." In the comics Fisk has been drawn almost exclusively in a white suit and ascot.


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Reunion - S3-E11

Question: The burial vault which Matt and Karen hide in has the name "Edmond Cleary Cass" on the front of it, shown pretty. Does that name have any significance to the show or Marvel?

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Chosen answer: After some research, I can say that no, Cass is not a character of Marvel, nor is he present in the Netflix show. As far as I can tell, it's either a real person, or a random name chosen for the coffin, most likely the former. In another season of Daredevil, the show utilized a real cemetery displaying real names in the tombstones.

Answer: I did a little research too. Interestingly enough I found a Friar named "Edmund Cass" who as far as I could tell is still alive and well. I wonder if that was just a coincidence.

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