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The Therapist - S6-E11

Corrected entry: Holt says to Diaz, "having dinner with Kevin and me." Which is out of character for him as he's very particular about his words. The phrase should end with "Kevin and I." (00:02:33)


Correction: No, "me" is correct. The simple way to tell is to remove the other person (and the "and") from the sentence. As in "having dinner with me" would be correct, whereas "having dinner with I" would be wrong.

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Corrected entry: Cheddar the dog changes breeds from a Pembroke Welsh Corgi to a Cardigan Welsh Corgi and back to a Pembroke again.

Correction: This is too vague and a specific incident needs to be identified. In the Halloween heists, the one plot involved using a fake Cheddar.


Bureau - S3-E22

Continuity mistake: In season 2 episode 11, Jake is shown doing at least 3 pull ups but in this episode he shows he doesn't know how to do one and Terry has to show him.

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Operation: Broken Feather - S1-E15

Adam Sandler: This is terrible, you don't know what you're doing.
Jake Peralta: Adam Sandler?
Adam Sandler: Yeah, that's right. I collect antiquities. I'm a serious person. I'm writing a movie right now, about the Russian revolution.
Jake Peralta: Oh, really? Who does Kevin James play in it?
Adam Sandler: Ha ha. It's a serious movie...Trotsky.
Jake Peralta: Ah, there it is.
Adam Sandler: But he's got a wife who never wears a bra. [To the guy next to him] I think you're going to like it.
Jake Peralta: Thanks for dressing up, by the way.


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Pilot - S1-E1

Trivia: When Terry is introducing the team to Capt. Holt, he mentions Scully, Hitchcock, and Daniels. Daniels doesn't make an appearance after the pilot.

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Payback - S2-E13

Question: While trying to keep Terry busy at the gym, Jake is on the treadmill and believes he has burned 200 calories, until Terry corrects him and tells him 200 is his heart rate. I know it's a joke, but in reality, could a person even talk with a heart rate of 200 bpm? (00:16:20)

Answer: While it is difficult to maintain or even achieve 200 bpm, you can technically survive. It just shouldn't be done often.

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