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The Countess - S1-E4

Jim Rockford: We're all scared to death. I guess that's a penalty we pay for living in a world where all the price tags end in 99 cents and they sell mortuary plots on billboards next to the freeway. What you do is, just keep laughing. (00:48:30)

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Jim Rockford: Hey, I'm sorry Dad, you just caught me at a bad time. Reading that detective fiction doesn't help. I mean things aren't like that you know? They're not black and white. They're aren't any heroes left, they die young. (pointing to a book cover) His gun is deadly? Mine's in a cookie jar.

Beth Davenport: And Jim, try to be nice.
Jim Rockford: Are you kidding? You don't mouth off to anything that big. He looks like 190 pounds of gristle.

Electric Larry: Harry, the soda machine at the bar is busted again.
Harry Smick: It was fixed last week.
Electric Larry: Tell that to the customer drinking scotch and air.

Dennis Becker: Step back Jim. This is information is for police department personnel only.
Jim Rockford: Boy, mention the Nazis around you and it rubs off.

The Big Ripoff - S1-E8

Marilyn Polonski: Is there anything you won't do for money?
Jim Rockford: Well, there's two things. I won't kill for it and I won't marry for it. Other than that I'm open about anything.

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Tall Woman in Red Wagon - S1-E6

Jim Rockford: I hope you'll accept my sincerest apologies, agent Stoner. Don't you worry, my insurance company is gonna cover all this. Here, let me see that. Oh, just a scratch! You're gonna be fine!
Harry Stoner: You are right on the tender age of getting thrown on Leavenworth. You should do yourself a big favor and think about what you say to me before you say it. Cos I am a man with absolutely no sense of humor. Smart mouths turn me off, and I am beginning to suspect YOU have a smart mouth.
Jim Rockford: You're right, you're right, I do. But I am working on changing that.
Harry Stoner: Good. Now where's my gun?
Jim Rockford: Right over there. Here, let me get it for you. I know right where I threw it.

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Backlash of the Hunter - S1-E1

Nick Butler: You're a cop, huh?
Jim Rockford: No, what I am, sonny, is about 50 pounds heavier and one hell of a lot meaner, so you better straighten up your act. I don't think I like you.

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The Countess - S1-E4

Snobbish woman: You know, Arnold thinks that we should spend the whole season in Europe, and I am beginning to think he's right. We did get to know quite a few titled people. LA is getting quite tacky...Did you met the Countess in Europe?
Jim Rockford: I met her at Marine Land.
Snobbish woman: Oh. Strange.
Jim Rockford: I run the hot dog concession next to the killer whale exhibit. The Countess loves my footlongs. I make 'em great. Lots of chili and hot mustard. Course I have a secret ya know: I pre-cook the hot dogs and wrap them in cellophane. That's the secret. Cellophane. Keeps 'em from getting tough.
Snobbish woman: Would you excuse me...[leaves disgusted]

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Marcus Hayes: You have a hair-trigger, Mr.Finch.
Gandolph Finch: That's right, mouth... and you're sitting on the edge of a big disaster.
Marcus Hayes: I like him Jimmy. He's got pluck.

Lance White: I hate it when anybody dies. Even someone like Blackwood. I'm sure he wasn't a bad guy at heart probably.
Jim Rockford: Oh yeah, you throw out the cocaine busts and what, a little pushing around the high schools and what have you got left? Just a sweet guy with a problem.

This Case Is Closed - S1-E7

Jim Rockford: Oh, I don't know what's goin' on, but believe me I don't want any trouble.
Torrance Beck: You already got trouble. The only question is whether you're going to wake up tomorrow breathing air or dirt.

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The Rockford Files mistake picture

Gearjammers, Part 2 - S2-E4

Visible crew/equipment: While Rockford is driving with his father in the pickup Hammel's goon goes after Rocky again, and when they get to the docks Rockford shows Becker the window that was shot out. When Becker tells Rocky where to park the pickup, the shadow of the boom pole and mic is visible on the truck bed cover as Rocky drives off. (00:39:10)

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