Last Man Standing

Tattoo - S5-E20

Trivia: Vanessa's tattoo artist has a "Binford" tattoo on her right shoulder. Binford was the tool company and sponsor of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor's home improvement show from the TV series "Home Improvement."


Heavy Meddle - S6-E20

Trivia: When Vanessa is about to go outside to shoot arrows with Eve, Mike (Tim Allen) tells her to aim low so she doesn't shoot over the fence or she'll hit the "weird dude always giving me advice." He then covers his mouth with his hand. A reference to Wilson on Tim Allen's show "Home Improvement" and how the fence always covered the lower half of his face.


Helen Potts - S4-E12

Trivia: In this episode, Patricia Richardson guest stars as Helen Potts. She played Tim Allen's wife on "Home Improvement", and there are plenty of inside jokes to reference "Home Improvement." Then, at the end, Jonathan Taylor Thomas appears as Helen's son, Randy and another joke ensues about how he looks familiar. Jonathan Taylor Thomas played Randy on "Home Improvement" and had already appeared several times in "Last Man Standing" playing John Baker, whom Mike already knows.


Gameday Forecast: Showers - S6-E2

Trivia: Ed states that everyone has to do what they did last year during the Broncos/Chargers game since the Broncos won that game and then ended up winning the Super Bowl. In this episode, which aired before the actual 2016 Broncos home game against the Chargers, it's implied the Broncos won (and a good sign they'll win the Super Bowl again.) The Broncos did beat the Chargers at home, however, they failed to make the playoffs.


Private Coach - S2-E16

Trivia: When Mike (Tim Allen) says to Kyle he needs something to finish his vlog, Kyle suggests "Never give up. Never surrender." This was the catchphrase of Commander Taggart from "Galaxy Quest", played by Allen.


Trivia: In Ed Alzate's basement is a "Toy Story" poster, which Tim Allen starred in. In one scene, you can see Mike Baxter (Allen) standing in front of it, looking at it.


Where There's Smoke, There's Ire - S6-E3

Continuity mistake: After Vanessa is finished smoking and tries to cover up the smell, she stuffs a dryer sheet down her blouse when Mike walks in. The amount of the dryer sheet sticking out changes throughout the scene.

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Co-Ed Softball - S1-E5

Ed: Just mark down co-ed if you want to play with girls, and uh just Ed if you prefer men.
Everyone looks at him
Ed: That did not come out right.

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