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8 mistakes in season 2

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Mama Drama - S2-E2

Factual error: Murray and Barry go to a Philadelphia Flyers home game. In the episode the Flyers are wearing orange jerseys. In reality the home team wore their white jerseys in the 1980's. When they watch the replay of Ron Hextall's goal on TV, you see the Flyers wearing white. (00:05:00 - 00:06:00)

I Rode a Hoverboard! - S2-E8

Factual error: Adam doesn't want to tell Emmy how he broke his arm, so he says he rode a hoverboard. He says he watched the whole BTTF trilogy, but only part 1 was released in 1985. Part 2 was released in 1989, and Part 3 in 1990.


The Facts of Bleeping Life - S2-E3

Factual error: The main theme of the episode was the "Royal Wedding" (Lady Spencer and Prince Charles) which happened in 1981. Erica and Lainey are singing Eternal Flame by the Bangles which wasn't release until 1988.

Just Say No - S2-E20

Factual error: In a previous episode, Adam's uncle gives him a power glove and they talk about "The Wizard" which came out in 1989. A few episodes later, they talk about Reagan getting reelected, which happened in 1984.

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Suggested correction: The series is constantly going back and forth through the 80s (Adult Adam always refers to the year in question as 1980 - something in his narration) - episodes are set in earlier times than previous ones.

Andy Benham

The Adam Bomb - S2-E17

Continuity mistake: When Barry is getting angry at Adam downstairs he is wearing a Philadelphia flyer shirt. When Barry enters Adam's room he's wearing a Calgary Flames shirt. Then the camera shows Barry from behind he's wearing the Philadelphia Flyers shirt.

Barry Goldberg's Day Off - S2-E14

Continuity mistake: When Barry tips the pool chair and falls into the pool, the chair falls with him. However in the next clip when his mother jumps into the pool to save him you can see the same pool chair still sitting on the diving board.

The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet - S2-E9

Factual error: At the very beginning of the show, they are standing in line to watch the movie ET in "1980 something." The kid starts asking if Yoda was just a puppet and if ALF was just a puppet. ET came out in 1982. ALF did not come out until 1986. Later in the show, they mention Kokomo by The Beach Boys which did not come out until 1988. ET was out of cinemas by then.

DannyDonnieJoeyJonJordan - S2-E10

Factual error: In this episode Adam and Barry are mocking Erica for being a fan of New Kids on the Block when she was younger - she must have gone off them pretty quickly as NKOTB only became well-known outside of Boston (their home city) on the release of their second album in 1988.

Andy Benham

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Cowboys Suck! - S2-E12

Question: When Barry refers to the stop sign in his room he says "The stop sign where she wanted to go left and I wanted to go right, so I got nervous, went straight." As he was talking about Lainey, soon after Murray says "Well, let's get in the damn car. And bring the stop sign. We got to put it back. It's a serious crime." Is Barry's quote some kind of sexual innuendo, or is it that he actually, accidentally drove into it because of Lainey?

Answer: Not a sexual innuendo at all. Barry drove into it because he couldn't make a decision to either go his way or Lainey's way.


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