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Correction: When Erica tells Pop-Pop that he should go see Adam while he's working at the diner, Pop-Pop agrees and responds, "Also, all this sad sandwich and horse-brush talk makes me want to take a break from you two for a while." Pop-Pop says, "you two" referring to Erica and Geoff, not YouTube.

Super Grover

Vacation - S7-E1

Corrected entry: The family plans a trip to Disneyworld. Adam then mentions that Star Wars was just bought out by Disney. Disney didn't buy Star Wars until 2012.

Correction: He didn't say anything about a buy out. He only said "Star Wars teaming up with Disney...", because Disneyland was having a Star Wars themed attraction.


Correction: He specifically references Star Tours, a ride that opened in 1987.

A Kick-Ass Risky Business Party - S3-E1

Other mistake: Barry and Erica are watching Lany band with Beverly. They are hiding behind a bookshelf of board games. One of the board games is Showdown Yahtzee. This game did not come out until 1991.

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La Biblioteca Es Libros? - S2-E19

Question: Who is in the footage at the end of the episode? It shows Adam's real Spanish class, but there are two boys who both look like the real Adam when he was younger in his class. One sat down answering, and one stood up asking Spanish questions. It threw me off as now I'm unsure which is Adam and who the other boy is.

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