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Correction: When Erica tells Pop-Pop that he should go see Adam while he's working at the diner, Pop-Pop agrees and responds, "Also, all this sad sandwich and horse-brush talk makes me want to take a break from you two for a while." Pop-Pop says, "you two" referring to Erica and Geoff, not YouTube.

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Vacation - S7-E1

Corrected entry: The family plans a trip to Disneyworld. Adam then mentions that Star Wars was just bought out by Disney. Disney didn't buy Star Wars until 2012.

Correction: He didn't say anything about a buy out. He only said "Star Wars teaming up with Disney...", because Disneyland was having a Star Wars themed attraction.


Correction: He specifically references Star Tours, a ride that opened in 1987.

Mama Drama - S2-E2

Factual error: Murray and Barry go to a Philadelphia Flyers home game. In the episode the Flyers are wearing orange jerseys. In reality the home team wore their white jerseys in the 1980's. When they watch the replay of Ron Hextall's goal on TV, you see the Flyers wearing white. (00:05:00 - 00:06:00)

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Cowboys Suck! - S2-E12

Question: When Barry refers to the stop sign in his room he says "The stop sign where she wanted to go left and I wanted to go right, so I got nervous, went straight." As he was talking about Lainey, soon after Murray says "Well, let's get in the damn car. And bring the stop sign. We got to put it back. It's a serious crime." Is Barry's quote some kind of sexual innuendo, or is it that he actually, accidentally drove into it because of Lainey?

Answer: Not a sexual innuendo at all. Barry drove into it because he couldn't make a decision to either go his way or Lainey's way.


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