Scorpion (2014)

3 mistakes in season 2

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White Out - S2-E13

Factual error: They repeatedly say how equipment will freeze in moments, but they leave their faces exposed and coats open, hoods off at times. In such cold temps, the skin would freeze in minutes.


Robots - S2-E4

Factual error: Walter gives the volume of additional air/oxygen from the tank as "298 cubic liters", it is either cubic ft, cubic meters or simply liters, not cubic liters. (00:32:35)

Crazy Train - S2-E7

Cabe Gallo: And I'm telling you, get me your supervisor or I'm gonna come down there and kick every square inch of your ass. I got so-cal D.O.T on the line. Total incompetence.
Toby: Yeah, you keep sweet talkin 'em Cabe, you're doin' great.


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More Extinction - S4-E2

Question: Cabe says if he uncuffs Collins without a direct order, he violates half a dozen federal statutes. What federal statutes?

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