The Listener

The Bank Job - S3-E1

Plot hole: When Toby, McCluskey, and the others are looking at the bank's security camera footage, Toby asks to zoom in on Newman's tattoo, and then Toby asks if he can borrow someone's cell phone so he can ask Oz about the bank manager. It cuts to Oz at the hospital as his cell phone rings - when Oz picks up his cell he presses the button and promptly says, "Hey, Toby, what's up?" It's quite impossible for Oz to have known that it was Toby calling him if Toby was using someone else's cell, and he did not even have the chance to hear Toby's voice. Those telepathic abilities belong to Toby, not Oz.

Super Grover Premium member

Lady in the Lake - S2-E1

Continuity mistake: The assassin is running across the square with the poisonous needle in his left hand in several shots. But moments later, when tackled to the ground, it is pressured from his closed right hand.


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