Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Answer: Most shows do flashbacks to show how things begin or what circumstances brought them to their current predicament. The modern episodes was to show how their legacies live on. Hercules changing his name to Kevin Sorbo and starring in a series about himself or Xena, her soul being reborn to continue her fight against evil.

The Enforcer - S2-E13

Question: Why send only one enforcer? Hera surely know what he can do so why not send a dozen to be sure? She can't have been that arrogant.


Answer: It's a matter of plot. Having multiple characters who basically would have the same purpose, to kill Hercules, complicates and confuses the story line. It would lose the focus on the characters themselves and the interaction between them. In film and literaturea, characters, plots, scenes, etc. have to be crafted in a way that serves the story in an understandable and satisfying way for the viewer.

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Armageddon Now: Part 1 - S4-E13

Character mistake: Callisto's sword is missing. When she appears in the Xena Season Three finale "Sacrifice", her sword has reappeared. It is never explained why Callisto doesn't have her sword during her three appearances on Hercules the Legendary Journeys.

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Autolycus: I hate to break it to you, big guy, you've got harpies.

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Trivia: The Widow Twanky was portrayed by Michael Hurst although he would be credited as Edith Sidebottom.

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