Baywatch (1989)

Episode list - season 1

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1Panic at Malibu Pier0
2In Deep1
3Heat Wave0
4Second Wave0
5Message in a Bottle0
6The Sky Is Falling0
7The Drowning Pool0
8Rookie School0
9Cruise Ship0
10The Cretin of the Shallows0
11Shelter Me0
12The Reunion0
13Armored Car0
14Home Cort0
15We Need a Vacation0
16Muddy Waters0
17Snake Eyes0
19Shark Derby0
20The Big Race0
21Old Friends0
22The End?0
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Question: Trying to remember an episode - a woman would use the beach shower topless, and while the male beachgoers were gawking at her body her boyfriend (I think) would pick their pockets.

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