The Blacklist

The Blacklist (2013)

2 mistakes in season 9

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Helen Maghi (No. 172) - S9-E16

Factual error: Harold tells Raymond he'll repay the bail money, but given he's pleading guilty and fully intends to go along with required court appearances, etc, the bail money paid will be refunded - it's not like Raymond is out-of-pocket.

Jon Sandys Premium member

The Skinner (No. 45) - S9-E1

Revealing mistake: Aram "hacks" an employee database via a company website - the code that's briefly visible on screen (slo-mo helps but isn't required) is just standard HTML that lays out a web page, not server commands.

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Question: How can Lizzie's father have died in the fire when in an earlier season, Red killed him in the hospital when Lizzie was already an adult?

Answer: The man Red killed, Sam Scott, was Lizzie's adoptive father, not her biological one. However, at that time Lizzie (and thus the audience), was led to believe her real father abandoned her and her mother, so expect more secrets to be revealed how her real father actually died (or if he's even actually dead).


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