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14 mistakes in season 2

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The Major (No. 75) - S2-E15

Factual error: Tom Keen watches an arms deal. The supposedly German plates of the BMW read "DD17-36F9." This, however, is not a possible combination in Germany, as there would not be numbers in the first half, nor a letter after a number in the second part. [exceptions from the first being the most important officials' cars like the federal president's, but even then the latter applies]. Furthermore, no more than 4 numbers can be used, except for in police and military vehicles (which also never have a letter after a number, and start "Y" for military, or "DD-Q" for Dresden police). "DD-F1736" would have been a correct plate for the town of Dresden, for example. (00:23:15)

T. Earl King VI (No. 94) - S2-E14

Factual error: The German passport has a photograph loosely attached, this is not the case on a real European passport. It also has the American date format, but with correct European date separators. (00:25:00)

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Suggested correction: Being born, raised in Warsaw and having spent 25 years of my life I can confirm it's Warsaw. Claiming it's Budapest is nonsense.

The Decembrist (No. 12) - S2-E8

Revealing mistake: When turning the guy with C4 around his neck, the 4 person safe box window shakes briefly. If this was a bomb proof safe box, the glass would be at least 1.5"+ in thickness and would not shake simply from some walking. That box would be shrapnel to a C4 bomb inside. (00:26:30)

The Scimitar (No. 22) - S2-E7

Revealing mistake: In scene where Liz is telling captive ex-husband, Tom, that she will let him go after he helps her get Berlin, Tom gets up and you can see the chain on his leg is only held to the floor with a chain link that just screws closed.

The Major (No. 75) - S2-E15

Factual error: When they cut to "Dresden, Germany" on the picture that is Budapest, Hungary. The bridge on the picture is the Chain Bridge. The camera is on the Pest side. (00:15:30)

The Scimitar (No. 22) - S2-E7

Revealing mistake: When Elizabeth Keen removes the tape from Amalia's mouth after rescuing her, she briefly reveals the sticky side of the tape to the audience, showing another large swatch of tape attached to what should be the sticky side. This was done to prevent the actor's skin and provide easier removal.

Quon Zhang (No. 87) - S2-E20

Continuity mistake: When Keen enters Red's Bethesda apartment, the camera pans over pictures on the mantel. Directly left of the picture of a little girl/man on a swing, is a picture of a woman holding hands with 2 children (looks like 1980's, adult woman looks like Keen.) When Keen reaches out to pickup/view the swing picture, the woman/children picture is no longer there and a really old family photo is in its place. (00:21:25)

Sally Sal

The Front (No. 74) - S2-E5

Factual error: The stolen Sienese School painting is painted on canvas. Nobody painted on canvas in the 14th century, wood panels were solely used.

Lord Baltimore (No. 104) - S2-E1

Other mistake: When Rowan shoots the suited men with the sniper rifle, the camera angle shows members of the public watching the filming and filming the the production on their phones. (00:28:46)

Leonard Caul (No. 62) - S2-E19

Other mistake: When Reddington is close to death and is saved by a lung/heart operation in his field hospital, minutes after the operation the site is attacked and Red is left trying to defend himself from gunmen. Not only does he find the strength to pull out all the monitor wires and lines attached to him, but when he goes into the corridor to get a gun, he is fully dressed in jacket and trousers (pants). Did the very efficient hospital team forget to bring a hospital gown for him to wear? Did they operate on him while he was wearing his street clothes?

The Mombasa Cartel (No. 114) - S2-E6

Factual error: The episode starts with a scene of a household in Koidu, Sierra Leone where a family is killed and boy taken. Mombasa is an island town on the coast of Kenya, not Sierra Leone. Mombasa wouldn't have a village or poachers or wild animals because it is an urban area. And Red later on reveals that the boy who was taken after the family was killed was actually Dembe, whom he found tied up in a brothel in Nairobi, which would again place them in Kenya, not Sierra Leone. Dembe would be an appropriate name for a person from Sierra Leone, not Mombasa.

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Cape May - S3-E19

Question: At the beginning of the final segment, the American Flag is flying upside down outside the beach lodge. Since it is pretty clear that Red would not being trying to elicit support/backup for the deeds that he and his female accomplice were about to undertake, what is the significance of this widely accepted distress signal?

Ed Hills

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