Answer: It starts with when Charizard was Charmeleon. Charmeleon did listen to Ash briefly but after Ash made him purposely lose to a weak Pokémon, Chameleon felt betrayed and decided not to listen to Ash because of what he did to him. When Chameleon turned into Charizard he still was mad at Ash for making him lose to a weak Pokémon. But he kind of listened to him but not that much since he was still mad at Ash. In Charizard Chills Charizard is hit by an ice beam which makes him ice. Ash, Misty and Tracy, decide to melt the ice and try to warm him up then Ash decides to do it, Charizard now realises that Ash did everything for him and finally decides to fight for him.

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Hogwash. Right after Charmander evolved into Charmeleon, he blasted fire at Ash's ear, which was supposed to suggest/hint/foreshadow his disobedience. The main reason for Charmeleon's disobedience is the fact that Charmeleon are much more aggressive than Charmander in nature. Charmeleon didn't feel betrayed after Ash ordered him to lose. He never held a grudge against Ash but, even after evolving into Charizard, despised him for quite a long time. After Ash took care of Charizard after he got frozen by ice beam, Charizard understood that Ash never gave up on him. His disobedience was nothing personal. After Charmander evolved into Charmeleon, he instantly grew much more aggressive and prideful, even before his encounter with Paras. After evolving into Charizard he retained this attitude. Only after Ash unfroze him and helped him warm up, he regained his respect towards him and decided not to disobey him anymore.

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Suggested correction: It's because these episodes were aired out of order.

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Trivia: During the Pokerap that appears after some episodes, nearly all of the pokemon shown are the actual creatures, but the Zapdos that is shown is a machine from Pokemon Island.


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