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3 mistakes in Electric Shock Showdown

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Electric Shock Showdown - S1-E14

Revealing mistake: When Nurse Joy says, "A while ago, I came across something like this," a line on her dress shows through her clipboard despite covering it. Also, her left sleeve goes from being absent to being visible. Additionally, her right thumb is not covered by her case, but in the next shot, it is. Furthermore, her left arm is angled up, but in the next shot, it is angled down. (00:11:08)


Trivia: During the Pokerap that appears after some episodes, nearly all of the pokemon shown are the actual creatures, but the Zapdos that is shown is a machine from Pokemon Island.


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Show generally

Question: This is a question for the XYZ series. I can't figure out if Alain is a good guy or a bad guy. He acts like he is good but I am not so sure if he really is. Can anyone tell me if he is good or bad?

Answer: He is a good guy but just found himself in a bad situation when he worked for Lysander. He didn't want him to harm Ash and his Pokémon when he was trying to get the special bond between Ash and his Greninja to work. He does leave Lysander and go back to being a good person.

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