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I, Mudd - S2-E8

Question: When Kirk and crew neutralized all the androids on the planet, what happened to the androids on the Enterprise running the ship?

I, Mudd - S2-E8

Question: Mr Sulu appears in the beginning, but disappears throughout the rest of the show, where to?

Show generally

Question: Over several episodes we see Captain Holt in competition with other Captains for the position of Commissioner. However, we have seen several Deputy Commissioners on the show. Is Commissioner a position that only Captains are eligible for? Are Deputy Commissioners ineligible? How realistic is this?

Question: When Max met Flexi, Flexi tells his guys "if he messes up kill him". Apparently the last target wasn't killed and Flexi's guy recognized Max as Vincent, then why didn't his guys kill him?

ITwins - S2-E19

Question: How come Freddie never saw both Sam and Melanie in this episode?

Question: Does anyone else think it was cheating for Jester to go below the hard deck after he was out-maneuvered by Maverick? He knew that it would be against the rules for Maverick to engage after he dropped below 10,000 ft.

Question: Why did they change the movie version when it went to VHS/DVD? There was a scene where Sandy was in the office and Kenicky came in and spoke to her... It's lost now?

Question: What discovery does Miguel make while in the sinkhole with Hector?

Spelling Applebee's - S3-E3

Question: Twice in this episode, a joke is made about Tori Spelling. When asked why they diss on Tori, the response is, "She knows what she did." What exactly is the joke referring to?

Question: What did Nicki yell out at the end to the killer before he killed her?

Question: What was Shredder's plan? Surely he'd have the Foot go beyond petty thievery eventually. I never saw it addressed in the movie.


Question: Larry and Anna meet because Dan pretended to be Anna and chatted with Larry online. How is the Internet chat shown in the original play version of this movie?

Show generally

Question: Whenever there are scenes in the shower tent, it seems that the direction of the showerheads change. Assuming the door is facing North, sometimes the showers are on the East side, sometimes West. Is this considered a mistake?

Movie Nut

Question: What is the song playing at the beginning of the movie when the characters are talking online to each other?

Question: When Johnny and Lorna are in the castle, before they go into the small room where Johnny accidentally announces his plans over the PA, Lorna is seen with a back tattoo. It looks like perhaps it's a number, "05" maybe? Was there a deleted scene where we see the tattoo more or where characters talk about it? Or was this Natalie Imbruglia's actual back tattoo? Later it seems to be gone.


Question: If Amelia had David towards the end of the 21st century during her reign, how is it possible that Viktor would be suspicious of her whereabouts and send Semira to find her?

Question: If Venom got hit by fire at the end how'd he survive?


Question: In the bowling alley who are the two nuns played by?

Question: Is there anything preventing the small people from being stomped on by normal sized terrorists?


Question: When Lindsey finds out she earned the promotion, she's at a restaurant with Robin Molly, etc. on a social outing. But, they're having a work event down the hall in the same restaurant. How/why do these two separate gatherings collide? Thanks. (01:25:09 - 01:25:40)

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