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Tall Men with Feelings - S1-E11

New today Question: Who is the guard inside the guard station in the background - right as Pornstache is leaving Tricia's bunk (the drug addict that ODs) when Red says they will clean up her things? That guard looks like Blanca Flores. We never see any guard that looks like the woman in that guard station. Just wondering. (00:02:17)

Oh What a Tangled Web - S4-E6

New today Question: Captain Peacock explained the real reason why he and Miss Hazelwood were late for work but, why did they both decide to hide the truth and make up a story as to why they were late? Why not just come right out and admit it? If they had, it would have been excusable.

New today Question: Redfoot is the whole reason they ended up in LA (he was the fence), and the reason they got connected to Kobayashi through the attack on the drug dealer. So if he's just a made-up part of Verbal's story, how did they end up in LA, and how did they end up connected to Kobayashi?

New today Question: At the beginning of the movie, we see everyone getting picked up by the police for the lineup. Everyone except for Verbal. Given that he had the power to orchestrate the lineup, did he get picked up as Verbal, or did he get there some other way?

New today Question: Carrie mentions that her longest relationship was 8 and a half days with an acid rock singer, that she came home and found in the shower with his mother. Wasn't she about to get married when Bandit found her? Would you not think that she actually had a relationship with him (and didn't say she was pregnant, therefore, had to get married?).


New this week Question: Why can't Scaramanga see the solex on the floor after he kills Miss Anders, as Bond sees it easily?

New this week Question: Why in the world is Alex, when unmasked at the end, wearing lipstick? Symbolic or something?


New this month Question: Near the end of the movie, Beverly is captured by Pennywise. A few minutes later, Pennywise is making a weird dance: is that actually Bill Skarsgard dancing?

Smooth Danny

New this month Question: What exactly was Anouk doing when she hid crumbled-up pieces of paper under her blanket to fool her mother that she's just sleeping? What was she trying to do?

Cody Fairless-Lee

No Accounting for Murder - S3-E19

New this month Question: Why did the Phantom run out of nowhere after tying up the killer when Grady came into the room with Jessica? Did the Phantom try to avoid being seen by others except Jessica?


New this month Question: What was the deal about Jack's parents at the end of the movie?

New this month Question: At the meeting in Atlantic City, what's with the dons passing around and taking from the platter of jewelry?

New this month Question: There were two of Khan's untraceable torpedoes in the bay that Scotty goes into but who was the one who left in the first torpedo? We never know as we see Keenster captured and Scotty's torpedo destroyed after he climbs down.

Question: Why is there someone (looks like a policeman) lying in the road when Jeff's girlfriend, Diane, vanishes from the service station? (00:22:00 - 00:24:00)

Question: What was the message that Dr. Thurman was trying to say to Rose? She said she needs to talk to Rose for some reason. Why?

Question: What city and state do the movies take place in?

Question: How did Matrix know that the gun store had a hidden room full of illegal weapons such as automatic rifles, rocket launchers, and anti-personnel mines? There isn't any dialogue explaining how he knew the room was there and how he knew the general location of the hidden switch to open the room.


Question: What happened to Paolo after he was left to the paparazzi?

Question: What exactly is an orange whip?

Question: Before Hu Li shoots Ricky Tan he says something in Chinese - what does he say?

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