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Question: Where does all the money come from? These people earn some serious cash from completing dares, but they never tell us where the money came from.

Mario Limbouris

Answer: From the watchers. They pay to watch for 24 hours. I can't remember how much off top of my head but that's where the money comes from. As people fail or bail the money is removed from their bank accounts and goes back into the main fund.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: I'm looking for what Sydney says about disappointment when she comes back looking for her sister's sweater.

Answer: She says is "Oh, f*** the sweater, she'll have to learn to live with disappointment."


Question: How did David know where Sam would be near the end when he came for them all?

Answer: Where else would they be, where else would they go? They had no-one or no place to turn to. They were kids with no resources and who'd believe they were chased by vampires.

Question: When Mace reflects the force lightning back at Palpatine, did it reveal his true form, or make him that way as a result?

Answer: It was as a result of the lightning over his face.


I do not believe Lucas has ever stated the cause, but it is most likely a combination of things. Palpatine was using a considerable amount of dark force power to hold Mace, and Mace was redirecting it back at him. He may have also allowed the disfigurement on purpose, to get more sympathy from Anakin. An out of left field idea is that this is how he has looked for a while, and Palpatine has been using the force to project a nicer image until it was no longer necessary.


There is no evidence in any of the Star Wars movies that dark force users change in appearance simply from using the dark side of the force, only scarred from facing hardships. His face got badly burned and scarred from the lightning redirected at him. Yes he did it on purpose to show his suffering to Anakin, but it didn't reveal his "true face" or anything. Darth Maul, Dooku nor Kylo Ren ever show any changes in appearance. Vader, Snoke and Sidious are all simply scarred.


He claims to the Senate that the Jedi attacked him, and he has the scars to prove it.

That's true too.


Why wasn't Mace scarred when he didn't have his lightsaber anymore and Palpatine used even more powerful force lightning?

Before he goes out of the window, you can briefly see he isn't when the lightning isn't in the way.

That's a good question. I'd say it wasn't as intense. Palpatine's exposure was quite intense and close to his face whilst Windu got it all over his body. As you know Luke was hit by lightning as well in ROTJ, but also more on his body and from a distance.


My strongest idea is that Mace's lightsaber had a lot of impact with the force lightning towards Palpatine, being up-close to him. I also think he did do it to be disfigured in appearance and gain more sympathy from Anakin under the impression that he was "weak," along with the the force lightning itself.

I also think the scarring story to the senate was an afterthought at some point, but he intentionally allowed the disfigurement with the force lightning for more sympathy along with the pain of the lightning itself.

Question: Why did Fridge explode when he got killed by his weakness, cake, but not Martha when she gets killed by her weakness, venom?

Answer: The simple answer? It was just a funnier visual to see Fridge literally explode from eating cake instead of just dying. It's just a very minor inconsistency in the film for comedic purposes.


Question: If the Maitlands aren't dead at the end and the Deetzes agreed to share the house, then how did Lydia fly while dancing?

Answer: The Maitlands are still dead. They are still ghosts.


Answer: The Maitlands are definitely still dead. Absolutely nothing in the movie indicates they came back to life. Lydia flying and all the things happening around the house at the end are the Maitland's doing - they're having fun with Lydia using their otherworldly abilities because Lydia's doing good in school.


Question: In the timeline where Evan and Kayleigh were in college having a good life, where was Lenny? Why wasn't he there?

Chase Gwack

Answer: Lenny was probably not their friend anymore when they became part of the college fraternity and he didn't. He would probably respond to them like Thumper did.


True. Plus when I think about it, in the original timeline Lenny didn't grow up and was still living with his mom so thought that's where he was.

Question: Since Charles had control of Toad, why didn't he make him take Rogue back to the institute?


Answer: He attempted to, but that's what made Magneto threaten to execute all the police officers.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: P.L. Travers hated Disney's film adaptation of Mary Poppins so much that she refused to have Disney make any more adaptations of Mary Poppins. How could a sequel be made without the consent of Travers, especially since she died in 1996?

Answer: The short answer is *because* she died. Control then passed to her beneficiaries/estate. She didn't forbid Disney from making a sequel, and she couldn't legally prevent it either. The deal she had with Disney just meant that they had to agree on it as she had creative control, and despite their (and apparently her) best efforts, they could never find a sequel idea everyone was happy with, especially given her dislike of the original film. Her will stated: "Any payments received by my Trustees in respect of or any future commercial production or exploitation in any form whatsoever of any books I have written (including any sequel to the film "Mary Poppins") shall be held by my Trustees upon trust to distribute..." On her death creative control passed to her trustees, in terms of sequels and the stage show, and they managed to agree on a sequel idea.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: Travers was never entirely opposed to having a sequel made. She initially refused Disney's sequel ideas, and attempted to impose her own demands and concept on what any additional film would be. In the 1980s, Travers and a friend wrote their own screenplay. The Disney company, now with different management, considered it but eventually dropped the project amid casting problems and other issues and conflicts that emerged. After Travers' death, Disney could then negotiate directly with Travers' estate.

raywest Premium member

Question: I have a few questions. 1) Did Mother Gothel betray the Stabbington Brothers by knocking them unconscious? 2) How did Eugene know that the old lady was Mother Gothel once the Stabbington Brothers told him that? 3) How did Eugene get the idea that Rapunzel was in trouble once he thought of the old lady?

Answer: 1) Yes, she double-crossed them and left them to be arrested. 2) Rapunzel had already described to Eugene that her "mother" was overbearing. When the Stabbington Brothers describe being double-crossed by an old lady he puts two and two together. 3) Because Gothel hired two notorious criminals (whom Eugene is well acquainted with) to kidnap Rapunzel, he assumed that meant she was in trouble.


Question: What is the significance of the bar scene they keep cutting to during the live aid performance? It does not appear to be the same door that Freddie first played with Smile so I'm not sure the significance. Also, who is the blonde guy with glasses sitting next to Bob Geldof when Bob is asking for money? That's supposed to be someone famous?

Answer: It's not any specific bar, it's just a very common trope in this kind of movie to show everyday people in a bar/pub watching/responding to a massive televised event (cf. V for Vendetta). The guy sitting next to Bob Geldof is David Hepworth, who's not super famous; he's a British music journalist and was a co-presenter of Live Aid.

Question: When Steve injured himself making the spear for fishing and Charles helped to treat his wound, he asked Bob to bury the cloth. Did Bob hang the cloth in a tree intentionally? Or did he just not know that other animals could smell that for miles? Especially the bear they had encountered beforehand.

Answer: The latter. He didn't think it was necessary to bury it because a) he was lazy, and b) he knew nothing about animals or wilderness survival, much less bears' sense of smell. He was just trying to get rid of it with as little work as possible.

Question: When the lights went out in the toilet den, why did Phil try to start a lighter and how did the whole den explode?

Answer: Earlier in the film, when the guys were talking to the banker about getting the camp ready, the plumber came out and said the bathroom had a methane problem and that it needed to be pumped (and a new septic tank and plumbing). The backed up tank is what caused the methane to build up in the bathroom. Methane is highly flammable and will cause an explosion if the gas mixture is right and there's a spark or flame (mines have exploded because of methane build up). When the lights went out, Phil lit the lighter to help him see in the dark better (although we don't really know what his full intention were, e.g. was he going to go see who turned the lights off, wipe, or just continue reading).


Question: Why didn't Draco get in trouble for making that snake appear at the dueling club?


Answer: Both were breaking the rules. Nobody said conjuring a snake is more a violation then using other spells than the disarmament spell. Plus everybody kinda forgot it happened after they heard Harry speak parsel tongue.


Answer: Because Snape whispered an incantation to Malfoy.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Why was it important that Dracula get Dr. Seward to leave the theater box?

Answer: So he could seduce Mina slowly with his hypnotic eyes, Dr. Steward would have been in the way.

Question: What does Pollux sign to Katniss before she leaves Cressida's house?

Answer: "No. Don't use words. Don't forget. Thank you."

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: When the men are at the statehouse, what are they arguing about?

Answer: They are debating whether or not to pass a levy (tax) to fund an army the American Revolution.


Question: I don't quite understand how Harry beat that monster book?


Answer: Harry, while on the bed, dangled his shoe over the edge, luring the book out from underneath. The book, attracted by the movement, lunged for the shoe, and that's when Harry jumped on top of it. It's similar to a cat chasing a small object tied to a string.

raywest Premium member

Answer: If you mean how he got it back under control, he lured it out from under his bed and then stepped on it. He was then able to put the binding back on. The book stops moving if the binding is around it.


No I meant how did he lure it out. I don't get how that works.

The book isn't a very smart creature. No reason for attacking is given so it probably attacks anything that is in front of it, too close maybe, or anything that moves. Like a shoe.


Like many animals that feels threatened, it emerged from its hiding place to attack its foe. In doing so, Harry was able to pounce and subdue the book.

Ssiscool Premium member

The Tangible Affection Proof - S6-E16

Question: Why did they get rid of Alex after this episode?


Answer: Plot-wise, there was no reason given for her exit. She was a minor character, not a regular, and writers often write them out of a series without an explanation. The actress, Margo Harshman, did go on to work in a web series the next season and, following that, had a more substantial role on NCIS.

raywest Premium member

Question: What did the Green Goblin do to Aunt May?

Answer: Aside from a couple cuts and what appears to be a sprained wrist, she looks relatively unscathed, so he probably just hovered around her for a short while to terrify her. His goal is to make Spider-Man realise that he knows his secret identity, so he wouldn't risk any major bodily harm to Aunt May, as that could potentially kill her.

Phaneron Premium member

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