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Question: Is Palpatine's identity a spoiler? The Episode IV-VI movies never mention the Emperor's name. In Episodes I-III, we can guess that Darth Sidious will be the emperor, but what about Chancellor Palpatine? If the audience didn't know that he was Sidious, the impact of the reveal would be far different than if they did.


Answer: This can vary from viewer to viewer. Before "The Phantom Menace" came out, I already knew Emperor Palpatine's name because I had the Kenner action figure of him, plus I knew the same actor was playing both characters. Someone else who may not be an astute viewer might not have known, though I find it hard to believe they wouldn't put all the pieces together by the time "Revenge of the Sith" came out.

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Dirty Harry - S4-E5

Question: In some episodes they mention an officer's romantic relationships can be used by attorneys to somehow discredit the officer and get the suspect off. In this episode specifically, Deputy Chief Matthews says the department can't risk a defense attorney turning Lt. LaGuerta and Sgt. Batista's romantic involvement a courtroom sideshow every time they work a case together (and thus Batista needs to be transferred out of Homicide). But why would it matter? Is this just "Hollywood" exaggeration for plot purposes? Wouldn't the prosecution object based on relevance if the defense attorney tried to bring this up, especially since Lt. Guerta disclosed the relationship through the proper channels? Or is Matthews lying for an ulterior motive.


About Last Night - S3-E9

Question: Dexter tests the blood on Miguel's shirt, to see if it's Freebo's. It looks like he's just using a DNA sequencer and the blood result comes back "bovine." Can a DNA sequencer differentiate which species the blood came from like that? Or perhaps he was using a different type of blood analysis machine? Is there an analysis machine that's capable of that? I thought the way to test if blood is human or not, "anti-human serum" is mixed with the blood to see if it will clot. So wouldn't the only way to tell it was bovine blood is to inject it with "anti-bovine serum"?


Answer: The short answer is yes, it could. but, it would have to be set up to analyze results to differentiate species. The sequencer will report the base pairs for any properly prepared sample, but interpreting the results is a software package. The software is available, but I would think it unlikely that an analysis package used in a forensics lab would have the capability to be so specific. More likely it would report "Non Human Sequences Found."

The Flash Reborn - S4-E1

Question: In the episode "Finish Line", the Speed Force tells Barry that he wouldn't experience the kind of hell that Savitar, Wally or Jay had. So why in this episode, when Barry leaves the Speed Force, does he seem confused and disoriented?

Bats! - S4-E7

Question: During the song, 2 cute bats are seen with 'Jude'. When the cute bat couple is shown again, Jude is nowhere to be seen. The couple doesn't look at all concerned. When Applejack was singing "These creatures have a one-track mind!", Fluttershy appeared without Jude and couldn't take him or her home and then come back in about 5 seconds. So, where did Jude go?

Question: Regarding the making of this movie and Matthew McConaughey's appearance. Was that just makeup he was wearing or did they digitally make him look different somehow? I want to say they digitally tried to make him look younger for some reason. he just looks very...odd, and in some scenes, his eyes don't seem to be making proper eye contact with Leo's, even when he is staring right at him.


Answer: It could be make-up, CGI, lighting, or a combination of all that. Regarding the lack of eye contact, considering he's supposed to be high on cocaine, his focus and reflexes would likely be affected.

raywest Premium member

Question: Between the scenes where Jordan and his dad are talking in the office and when it cuts to the party where he meets Naomi for the first time, there is a a quick 3-4 second shot of a random guy that never pops up again in the movie. Who is he and what does he have to do with anything?

Nemesis (1) - S3-E22

Question: In several of the episodes, when they show an exterior shot of the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, there is a Humvee with "Sgt. Mack" stenciled on the windshield. As the military doesn't personalize its equipment (except for fighter jets), is this an Easter egg for somebody? (00:00:10)

Answer: The external shots are filmed at the real Cheyenne Mountain, with real military equipment and personnel.

Answer: Vehicles usually had the driver's name stenciled on them in the 80s and 90s.

Question: What is the situation with the maid and the woman who hung herself in the cellar? Not to mention the little boy. I'm aware the Witch cursed them and possessed the mother to kill the child. But are their spirits being controlled by the Witch? I know they scare the Warrens and stuff. But the little boy (Rory) teachers April where to hide and shows where he hides. But why is he hiding if The Witch controls him? Are we to believe the Witch can't find Rory's spirit? But if the spirits are under her control why would Rory help April stay safe?


Answer: The witch controlled their souls to kill themselves, but once they are dead she can't control them anymore. Some spirits just show up in the house but Rory knows what can happen and decides to help April.

Question: It's established that The Witch possesses the mother. So is the Witch controlling the mother like a puppet or is she controlling her as in, she actually is the mother. Because when Ed says "reveal yourself", it's the Witch. When they try to drag her out, she gets dragged back in by an invisible force. So in what way is the Witch in control of the mother?


Answer: She is controlling the mother like a puppet.

Question: It's made clear at the beginning of the film that a demonic force is something that has never walked the earth in human form. Yet The Witch did walk the Earth in human form, but still has all the powers of a demon and Lorraine even calls it a "demonic presence." So can humans become demons when they die or did I miss something?


Answer: The demon takes control of the witch. The witch likely opened a portal for the demon who attached to the witch. As such, the demon still hasn't walked the earth itself.

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Show generally

Question: Was there an episode where Bobby wrote his name on someone else's jar and tried to rub it off when the owner came back, but it didn't work?

Answer: Most likely thinking of the episode where Connie's cousin convinces Bobby to make meth as their science fair project. One of the judges is a police officer and when he is approaching Bobby is scrambling to remove his name from one of the beakers.

Question: In one scene where Lou is talking to Ivy about Butch she says that someone really hurt him once. What did she mean by that? Did Butch have an owner who was mean to him or abandoned him?

Answer: Butch was abandoned. It's never stated but it's implied.

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Question: In the beginning of the movie Alice says the virus didn't just affect humans, that eventually the rivers dried up. Why would the rivers dry up? The virus doesn't affect the weather.


Answer: The implication is that the virus has began to effect the environment as well. (Presumably by adapting and mutating).


Question: In one of the last scenes, when the students go into the room with Professor X, there was a moment when he stopped and looked back, then smiled. Why did he do this? (02:04:25)

Answer: It's implied that he sensed Jean was still alive, though the sequel doesn't really follow this up in the same manner, as Jean is discovered after awakening and killing Cyclops. One would think that Charles would immediately send for Jean if he thought she survived.

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Question: Is Mr. Wu's grandson an alien like him? When Helen asks him if he's one of them, his response seems to suggest that he's dodging the question.

Answer: It's unknown if his grandson is like him or not as he does not answer the question, but he seems to imply that he might be.

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Question: How are locomotives able to pull such long trains? Triple 777 pulls a 39 car train, which can weigh thousands of tons when the cars are loaded.

Answer: In the same way locomotives pull long trains in real life. Diesel engines are built to pull the weight. When it gets to a certain point you might need 2 engines.

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OK but what is the physics behind how locomotives are able to pull so much weight?

I'm not sure on the physics but a quick Google search comes up with: Trains are really heavy, but to move a train, you only have to overcome the friction between the wheels and the [axles]*. But since there are wheels, it's even easier to move it. Imagine a really heavy box. You'd have a very hard time lifting it, but you could shove it a few millimeters horizontally. [But instead of shoving it, you can make it roll!]* The same thing applies to a train. Now, since the train is so heavy, it takes a long time to get it moving, and to slow it down, due to [inertia].

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Question: When Kevin was Lost In New York, why didn't he ever just talk to a Police Officer or go to a Hospital so he could get back safe?

Answer: As he stated to himself when escaping the hotel, "I committed credit card fraud." He may have thought going to the police would result in him getting into a lot of trouble.

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Question: What is the "terrible accident" that happened to Felecie's mentor? Did it have anything to do with the woman she works for?

Question: Whenever Medusa looks at somebody, they are immediately turned to stone. How come she couldn't turn the Djinn to stone?

Answer: It may be because they were non-human sorcerers, and it gave them protection from her.

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