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Question: Is the uncredited actor who plays the post office van driver who "kills" Jimmy's scooter Derek Martin (Charlie Slater in Eastenders)?

eric 64

Question: How did the "once famous racing car" ended up in a scrap man's garage? Why didn't the owners simply take it back themselves? After all you wouldn't see Lewis Hamilton's crashed F1 car with kids playing in it.

Answer: It is possible the owner of the car had so much invested in the car that he lost everything when it crashed and burned. Needing money, the owner would have sold the destroyed vehicle to the person offering the most money for the wreckage. It is also possible this car was not the only car of the owner so maybe he somehow scraped together more money and continued with his racing career but with a different race car. The movie does not tell that story, though. Finally, many historical vehicles and artifacts have been abandoned and/or lost to history, never to be found or discovered in a barn, attic, garage, or a junkyard.


Un-American Graffiti - S3-E16

Question: Do Piz and Wallace ever get busted for the Fake IDs? Or does Veronica get busted for giving them the fake IDs?

Question: *Spoiler* After Tony died, why didn't anyone just use the time stone to bring him back? We saw Thanos do this with Vision in Infinity War so not sure what was stopping anyone from doing the same.

Answer: Vision was killed by Wanda, and Thanos just rewound that "bubble" of time so he was alive. Tony on the other hand was killed due to his internal injuries, caused by using the gauntlet. Rewind time to just before he died, and he'd still die again, because of the damage. Rewind it to before he even used the gauntlet...and he wouldn't have used the gauntlet, leaving Thanos and his army alive and kicking. That's of course assuming that the time stone can even alter events which have been caused by all 6 stones combined.

Jon Sandys Premium member

I have a further to this question however. The keeper of the Time Stone is Dr. Strange, and has been shown to have adept knowledge in it's usage since he first acquired it. They do have to return the stones back to the timelines where they originally got them to keep the time lines from really getting screwed up, meaning the stones in their time would still have been destroyed by Thanos 5 years prior. However, what exactly would keep Dr. Strange, someone that powerful and knowledgeable of the Time Stone, from using it to reverse Tony at that point? As demonstrated in his solo movie, he can manipulate time around a single object... i.e. the apple he makes rot/eaten/and whole again without affecting anything else around it. So why can he not do the same for Tony, unless undoing that would make it so he never snapped, but that would only be in that little bubble like you said. It could create a paradox possibly, but this question brings up this issue as well.

Quantom X Premium member

The snap caused his death. If he reverses time, he dies again. If he goes back further, he undoes the snap. There isn't a little bubble. The time stone can't be that powerful to undo the ramifications of the snap.

Dying For Pie / Imitation Krabs - S2-E6

Question: At the end of "Dying For Pie," how could the pie SpongeBob took out of his pants still be in flawless condition? Wouldn't it have been crushed in his pocket?

Answer: There's a lot of sight gags in the show, something ridiculous or impossible happening for a laugh. This is just one of them.


Question: When Griswald knocks the helmet off Hawkins and it appears his head is knocked off, you can actually see a face in the helmet on the ground. But why? Hawkins is supposed to be hiding his head in the armor. So why did the filmmaker put a face in the helmet after it was knocked off?

Answer: I watched the clip on YouTube, stopping and rewinding it, but I cannot see what looks like a face inside the helmet. Maybe it's just the way light and shadows are reflecting on the metal.

raywest Premium member

Question: After J blows up Serleena while holding K hostage, how did she manage to survive and shapeshift into a lingerie model again?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: As they show in the film, a small part of her survived, and was able to regenerate.

Question: I don't understand the timing in the third act. When the launch pad says "four minutes to launch" in the scene with Jarra, J comes to Laura's rescue in what feels like longer than four minutes. Also, even though J and K bring Laura to her ship so she can leave, how much time was there left before Earth and Zartha would've been destroyed?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: The fight lasted for about 3 minutes, of course there are cuts towards the worms so the fighting isn't fully shown on camera, but since the countdown did say 4 minutes when the fight starts, that's how long it took. As for how much time was left for Laura to enter the pod; The pod came down and would lift up again with or without a cargo, so when the pod went up the time was up.


Question: Is it understood or implied that the old woman at the beginning is Anton Ego's mother? It comes together when he flashes back to his boyhood; literally the way mother used to make?


Answer: It is his mother. It's not that Remy made it exactly like his mother did. It's along the lines that as a food critic in Paris, he's used to eating only very high quality haute cuisine. A dish as simple as ratatouille is something that he loves from childhood but probably hasn't had in decades.


Question: Why was Vince Dicola chosen to score this film instead of the usual Bill Conti?

Answer: According to Wikipedia: "Rocky IV is the only film in the series not to feature original music by Bill Conti, who was replaced by DiCola; however, it does feature arrangements of themes composed by Conti from previous films in the series, such as "The Final Bell." Conti, who was too busy with the first two Karate Kid films at the time, would return for Rocky V and Rocky Balboa. Conti's famous piece of music from the Rocky series, "Gonna Fly Now", does not appear at all in Rocky IV (the first time in the series this happened), though a few bars of it are incorporated into DiCola's training montage instrumental."

raywest Premium member

Question: Did J and K really save the Earth in under 8 minutes after Zed sees the eight-minute warning?

Answer: Yes, of course. That's what they do. As soon as K phoned in they had the galaxy the attack was cancelled. This was before the 8 minutes were over.


Question: How did Landa know that Shoshanna's family were hiding under the floor in the beginning?

Answer: Several thing need to be taken into account. He explains he can think like people who are desperate and would do anything to avoid capture, it is logical for him they would resort to hiding under the floor. He is looking for this family specifically, meaning he knows they are hiding, probably the last Jewish family in the region. Thirdly, this is probably the last farm he checks, having looked underneath the floors of any other farm in the region, he knew this was the only place they could be. It's also possible he noticed small things that told him that this farmer was hiding people, having experience with this sort of situation.


Question: How is Scorpion back in this movie when Johnny Cage killed him in the first one?

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: The films never address this but in the games Scorpion is an undead revenant and can't really be killed in a conventional sense.


Question: Is 2014 now in danger or basically completely screwed? Quill would have woken up and probably have been caught by either Korath or Yondu as he had been knocked out. Even if he didn't, he would have gone to the broker with the orb, but this time there would be no Gamora outside to try and take it, he may have still been arrested with Groot and Rocket, however they wouldn't join them as they have no chance to bond over Gamora. Without the Guardians, Xandar would have probably fallen, but more horrible is Ego may have found Quill, and without the Guardians he wouldn't have been able to stop him so guess what...Ego destroys the universe.

Answer: Short version is probably...yeah, basically. Despite "snip all the branches", certainly a few new timelines spin off from the original (Loki disappearing in 2012, Thanos/Gamora not being around in 2014, Old Steve being in our timeline or a new one, etc.) The "rules" aren't 100% clear, but that set of outcomes seems pretty likely.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Answer: All the timelines are screwed, each time they went back, they altered that timeline in ways Captain couldn't have known about to fix.

Question: Why did time not end when Thanos destroyed the stones, and what happens in now there aren't any? The Ancient One stated that the stones control the flow of time, and removing even one of these opens up the world to unimaginable horror. Well why did nothing happen after Thanos destroyed them all? And now that our timeline has no stones, how would Dr. Strange be able to stop Dormammu from coming back?

Answer: The way I understood it, removing the stones from one timeline into another timeline is what The Ancient One was talking about. The "new branched reality" is what would be overrun by the forces of darkness. But, even if she meant this reality, the reality where Thanos destroyed the stones, The Ancient One said it was their chief weapon, not their only weapon. Bruce then tells her Doctor Strange gave the time stone to Thanos and The Ancient One says maybe she made a mistake. However, since Thanos eliminates half the population of the universe, including the forces of darkness, whatever forces she was talking about may not have been around to try and attack Earth. Or in the 5 years that we don't see, there was an attempt and other weapons were sufficient.


Answer: In the comics the stones will be replaced by something else equally powerful to compensate for their loss. I suppose the same applies to the MCU. These powers need to have a physical presence in the universe, in one way or another.


The only problem is the films never insinuate this at all. The Ancient One flat out states that not having the stones would be bad for the universe, and yet Thanos destroys the stones with absolutely no adverse affects to the universe whatsoever. This movie played very fast and loose with the rules they established regarding the stones and time travel and I feel like things like this were massive flaws.


The universe is a pretty big place, though. There could very well be bad things in another part of the universe that have yet to affect our galaxy. Additionally, the forces of darkness that could potentially threaten the universe may be curbed by a cosmic entity such as the Living Tribunal, whose existence in the MCU was acknowledged in "Doctor Strange" and could very well appear in "The Eternals" or "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3."

Phaneron Premium member

I just believe the ancient one didn't even know. The ancient one isn't always correct, as Bruce proved. And the bad thing was taking the stones away from their timeline, creating timelines where they are not supposed to be, it says nothing about destroying them.


That to me is still bad writing. You have a character whose entire purpose in the movie is to give exposition, and the exposition she gives is apparently incorrect. That's all well and good but that still needs to be addressed at some point. Some character should have brought up the fact that the stones were destroyed (and incidentally, remain destroyed in the main timeline) and the Ancient One should have addressed that fact. Otherwise, like the original question points out, it leaves a bit of a gap in the film's logic.


Answer: I believe the filmmakers have said that the energy of the stones was dissipated into the universe when their crystal vessels were destroyed. So that while they didn't have a physical form anymore, their essence remained and continued to regulate the flow of existence of the Universe. Presumably the energy can't then be reconstituted into the stones without some sort of profoundly intricate magic/science, the kind of power only possessed by gods and/or ancient elemental beings. Also, the Ancient One says that Hulk taking the time stone would be good for his timeline, but would leave hers without their weapon, which I presume means they wouldn't have the time stone to help the Sanctum's usual efforts in holding dark magic at bay. The actual effect of removing the essence of a stone from its timeline is still open to speculation.


If the ancient one was only talking about the time stone then Cap wouldn't have to bother bringing all stones back. No, she was talking about all infinity gems. Remove a stone and that universe is doomed.


Answer: The sorcerers may have other ways to stop Dormmamu from returning (even if those ways are currently unbeknownst to them). This could be addressed in the sequel. Additionally, since Dormmamu would have to know that the Time Stone was destroyed in the first place, he may well just stay away rather than falsely believing that he can be trapped in a time loop again.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: She said the world not the universe. She said "without our chief weapon against the forces of darkness our world will be overrun." Theory: since Thanos used the stones to destroy the stones and Hulk heard what the Ancient One said, he could have used the stones to bring back their stones along with everyone else. He couldn't have know who all died in the universe, he could have just undid everything from 5 years ago.

Question: Why is the man's groin blurred out in the fight-scene at the Japanese sauna? It's an R-rated movie (or unrated, depending on the cut of the film you watch), so it's not like they couldn't have shown it. The best I can figure is that it's a reference to the fact that genitals are blurred out in Japanese media due to "decency" laws. Is that what the joke was?


Answer: It is a possibility. In Japan, the showing of a person's genital area and/or pubic hair is considered obscene.

Question: Why did 2014 Thanos bother to come to the future? As we are already aware, changing one time doesn't affect the other, and whether he knows that or not is sort of irrelevant. He could have stayed in 2014 and completed his mission, in fact he could have done it even more easily with the Pym particles he obtained without anyone ever knowing. He really had no reason to need to come forward in time. Knowing that Thor kills him in the future just means he could take steps to prevent that if/when it happens, he didn't need to act right then.

Answer: They stole the power stone from his timeline, so he could never complete the gauntlet.


And the soul stone.

Probably, yeah.


Answer: As an alternative to the above answer, another thing to keep in mind is that Thanos believes that his vision of a better world shouldn't be fought against. Finding out that an alternate universe version of himself wins the battle and then ends up having his plans ruined makes him believe that the heroes of that universe are ungrateful, and that he should help the alternate universe version of himself that died to stay the winner. He's evil. He doesn't just want to win in this universe. He wants to win in all universes.

Answer: He probably also realises that if the Avengers can get all 6 stones, stealing them all at once would be easier than trying to collect them himself.


Question: Can turtles actually feel their shell being touched?

Answer: Yes they can. Turtle shells have nerves in them which allow them to sense even light touches.


Question: Instead of telling Stark to turn the donut around why doesn't he use a sling ring?

Sam Montgomery

Answer: The Q Ship was travelling in some form of hyperspace. It would be reasonable to assume that the slingring could not work under those circumstances. When he does use it later, it is from the surface of the planet Titan.

And when they arrive on Titan his idea to protect the time stone changes. He instead looks at different time-lines.


Why would it be different in hyperspace? The ship has its own gravity.

Sam Montgomery

By definition, hyperspace exists outside normal time and space. Depending on how the sling ring works, it may not be able access normal space.

Answer: The range of the sling rings hasn't been defined. They were in deep space at this point, so they may have been too far away for Strange to open up a portal on Earth for them to step through.

Phaneron Premium member

In Endgame, Strange opens at least one portal from across the galaxy. For example, we see the one opened from Titan that he, Spiderman, and the Gaurdians all come through. Unless his sling powers suddenly increased after the great purge, he should have been able to open a portal from deep space on the ship.


That's right, I somehow forgot about that. I don't have an answer for it then.

Phaneron Premium member

The Long Honeymoon - S6-E1

Question: Are the Dunphys Jewish? Claire mentions Hanukkah in this episode.

Answer: No, they're not. It was just a joke because they said they've only had 8 consecutive days of bliss, which just happened to be in December 2007, and it was the Dunphy's version of Hanukkah. They're just comparing it to Hanukkah because Hanukkah also lasts 8 days. The Dunphys have been shown to celebrate Christmas, with presents, Christmas tree, etc, and the Pritchetts have Christmas traditions (see s01e10 "Undeck the Halls").


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