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The One In Barbados, part 1 - S9-E23

Question: How come Rachel is wearing a cast on her left arm? You can see it when she notices Monica's hair.

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: Jenifer Aniston injured her wrist outside of filming and had to wear it for a little while.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Maybe I missed it, but how did Peter prove Eddie's photos were fake?

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: Peter showed Jameson that Eddie's photos were composites taken from pictures that Peter had snapped. He proved it by showing Jameson the originals.


Question: Can someone please explain to me what Violet says when she frees them from the prison? No matter how many times I see this movie, I still don't get it.

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: She says "Well, I think Dad has made excellent progress today, but I think it's time we wind down now". It's a joke, pretending to be winding down a counselling session, based on the fact that her father has been baring his soul a bit while imprisoned.

Tailkinker Premium member

Question: This is for the movie and the comics. Can Jon hear Garfield? I'm asking because in the comics, Jon responds to what Garfield says, but Garfield's speech is always in thought bubbles. But in the movie, Garfield's lips are moving. Can someone please explain?

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: Jon makes educated guesses in the comics based on Garfield's body language and surroundings, he doesn't actually hear Garfield in either medium.

Phixius Premium member

Question: What was going on with John Michael Kane's body in the morgue? Nicky said that Wombosi saw the body and didn't buy it. Were they trying to pass off the dead man as Bourne?

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: Yes, exactly. Kane is one of Bourne's identities and apparently one that he used extensively during the preparations for the mission to eliminate Wombosi. Wombosi goes to see the body, but, having seen Bourne, albeit relatively briefly, realises that the body in the morgue is not the same man.

Tailkinker Premium member

Answer: In fact Wombosi had shots 3 times at Bourne, and he sees that the corpse has no impacts. That is how he understands that the Americans try to fool him.

Question: What are those metal things Mr. Furious wears on his forearms?

alex garrido

Chosen answer: Gauntlets that look cool and would help him block blows in hand-to-hand. (If he wasn't so bad at it, anyway.)

Grumpy Scot

Question: Is the montage of murders before the re-opening of the restaurant supposed to be shot in real time or is it going over days around the same time of different days?


Chosen answer: It is over several days.

Phixius Premium member

Question: How come Lisa's presentation was changed from "An Inconvenient Proof" to "An Irritating Truth" for the DVD release?

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: I saw the movie at the midnight showing on its first release in Michigan and it was "An Irritating Truth" for me there. It still says the same thing for my DVD.

Question: I'd like to know what happens to Pyro in the final battle. He is knocked pretty good on the head by Iceman, so does he get obliterated by Phoenix? Also, once Professor X has transferred himself into the body of the other man, why does his voice still sound the same?

Answer: Pyro's fate is unclear in the film, although the novel (which differs in places from the film and therefore may not be canonical) states that Iceman dragged him clear of the battle site after defeating him. As for the voice sounding the same, it's suggested that, should there be a fourth film, the comatose patient will turn out to be Xavier's twin brother (a departure from the comics, where Xavier has a twin sister), thus allowing Patrick Stewart to return to the series if he wishes to.

Tailkinker Premium member

Question: How come the movie was rated PG-13 for the theatrical release, but was changed to PG for the VHS/DVD release?

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: IMDB has the movie listed rated at PG, not PG-13.


Question: I'm still confused about something. Why was Fiona turned into an ogre in the first place? All she says is that a witch cast a spell on her, but they never mention it again.

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: The Fairy Godmother curses her so that her son, Charming, can free her and become king. This is made clear in the second movie.


Show generally

Question: Was Doyle written out of the show because of Glenn Quinn's death, or was that a decision made well before?

Cubs Fan

Chosen answer: Quinn didn't die until three years after being written out of the show. According to Joss Whedon, the character, while popular, simply failed to mesh well with the pre-existing characters brought across from the Buffy series, and the reluctant decision was taken to write the character out of the series; it was also mentioned by producer David Fury that Whedon liked the idea of messing with the audience a bit by introducing a main cast member, then defying expectations by killing them off swiftly, although he also mentioned this was not the original intent with Doyle.

Tailkinker Premium member

Season 2 generally

Question: When Brian Taylor says that he is Jessi's father, is he really related to her (as in, she has some DNA from him), or does he call himself that because he created Jessi from Sarah's DNA?

Answer: He just "created" her.

Paul Brannon

Question: What exactly did Biff do to George McFly's car? It is strongly suggested, but I couldn't understand what caused the accident.

Answer: He mentions spilling beer on his shirt so it's inferred that he was somewhat less than entirely sober, and he also refers to the car having a blind spot. Based on this, my assumption has always been that he was tipping his head back to take a drink from a can of beer, which means his eyes left the road, and he struck another vehicle; most likely at an intersection where the other driver had the right of way.

Phixius Premium member

Question: I might have missed it but, how exactly did Robert Neville become immune to the virus?

Answer: He didn't become immune, he simply *was* immune. The reason for his immunity was the point of his research.

JC Fernandez

With the odds so long against immunity, isn't it a little... convenient that America's greatest virologist just happens to be immune to the virus that has all but wiped out mankind?

Question: How come the Autobots can't project holographic drivers? Do the Decepticons know something they don't?

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: There is no reason to think they can't. They simply choose not to. They may feel it's too deceitful.

Jason Hoffman

Actually in this movie (when joining up with bumblebee and the others after they pick up the All Spark) and Revenge of the Fallen, Ironhide uses holographic humans in his cargo bed. Also, Arcee and the twins use holographic drivers at the beginning scene in Revenge of the Fallen.

Question: Did Frenzy really die? He survived when Mikaela sliced his head off, why should this be different?

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: Because his head was still intact when Mikaela removed it from his body. The blow that killed him was straight to the "brain."

Phixius Premium member

Question: On the double-disc special edition there's a game called Break the Spell. It says that it runs over from disc one to disc two and you need a code to get to the second disc part. The code is star-moon-cloud and that's all very well and good, but where is the game on disc two? It's not a solely computer part cos the laptop isn't picking it up and I can't find it on disc two. There's three stained glass windows; Cogsworth and LumiƩre, Chip, and Mrs. Potts and I've clicked on all of them and can't find the second part of the game. Help?

Answer: With the three stained glass windows there is also another option, which is the red rose. Upon clicking it a few times the Beast will not allow you to enter, but if you are persistent and keep clicking on the rose he'll let you in eventually.

Bastogne - S1-E6

Question: Near the end of the episode, how exactly is it that Heffron cuts his hand?

Answer: Heffron cut his hand on Doc Roe's gear while trying to get him out of his foxhole.

Question: SPOILER: Is it me, or is the monster trying to kill our heroes? It attacked the bridge with them on it, killing Jason, it went straight after Hud at the end, and the spider-monsters were following them in the tunnel. What's the deal?

Brad Premium member

Chosen answer: The main monster is terrorizing the entire city. It only seems that the movie's main characters run into him a lot is because while most people are running away from the monster, they're running toward it to save the girl. And the spider-crab parasites are shown falling off of the monster by the hundreds, so they're probably all over the city by now. Since the backstory for the creatures and monster is that they come from the deep sea, the parasites might enjoy the subway tunnels because the environment is sort of like "home" for them.

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