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Question: When Philip was in the hospital there is a man in a black suit in the background who appears to be coming to see him but then did not approach them. Who was that supposed to be?

Answer: It appears to be an accordion folder rather than a clipboard. My guess would be that it's someone Philip used to take care of his financial situation.


Answer: Watching the scene, the man has got a clipboard and is observing them. So it would be a safe bet that he is a doctor of some kind who is looking to see if Phillip is awake. Of course I could be wrong but from the 5 seconds or so he is on screen that's the best possibility.

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Question: Why don't any of the bullies ever get in trouble for throwing slushies at the members of the Glee club?

Answer: The show is purposefully stylized and over the top. It is not designed to be an accurate, realistic representation of American high school. The idea that the glee club is so unpopular other students can literally throw garbage at them with impunity is an over-exaggeration of how glee club is considered "un-cool" compared to things like football. However, there is a second way of looking at it. The audience is simply never shown anyone getting into any trouble for throwing slushies. Just because we don't see it doesn't mean it never happened.


Question: If Ender would destroy the planet in the simulation, why wouldn't he do it for real? The simulations are supposed to be practice.


Answer: For the same reason when you are playing a video game you will run people over, or shoot them without figuring out who they are. He thought it was the equivalent of a video game, i.e. not real, so he would potentially do things he wouldn't do if he thought it was real. This is the very reason the power structure put them into a real operation while leading them to think it was a simulation, so they would be likely to act when faced with a moral dilemma.


Question: Maybe this is explained better in the book, or maybe I just wasn't paying attention. But at the end, when Ender killed all the Formics, did he kill any innocents, or were they all involved in the first invasion? Because Ender never mentions innocents being killed, that would be a pretty good argument as to why it was wrong. If they were all involved in the first invasion, I don't see anything wrong with killing aliens that murdered millions of humans.


Answer: In the book, Ender had grown disillusioned with military school and was depressed. Destroying the entire Formic homeworld was his attempt to force the school to expel him, by enacting a suicidal plan of action so ruthless his superiors would believe him unfit for leadership. In the film it appears that Ender is simply trying to win the game as best he can. As for the Formics themselves, they operate with a hive mind so in a sense, yes they were all "involved" in the invasion of earth. However, wiping out of the entire civilization in retribution, especially once the audience hears the Formic queen express her dismay over the Formic's actions, is evil. The film somewhat glosses over this fact, but in the books it is clear the Formics did not understand that humans were sentient at all because they could not comprehend an intelligent species lacking a shared consciousness.


Yeah misunderstanding is the constant of the book series.


Question: If the airport and a plane don't allow dogs, then why is a cat is allowed on a plane?

Answer: Maybe because cats are smaller than dogs and all felines are relatively the same size and fit into a small pet carrier. Dogs range in size from a few pounds to over a hundred, making crating them more difficult.

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I should add that this being a movie, they make up their own rules about things to serve the plot. It's unlikely in real-life that an airline would ban dogs entirely, though there may be size limits.

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Question: Do Mulder and Scully hook up? They also ever marry and have kids?


Answer: SPOILER ALERT: Hook up, yes. Married, no. Children, maybe. The rumors that Mulder and Scully were married started when David Duchovny (Mulder) called Scully "Mulder's wife" when discussing the return of "The X-Files" show. However, series creator Chris Carter said "they were together but never married." In the 2nd X-Files film, "I Want to Believe", they are in a romantic relationship. But by Season 10, they are broken up as Scully has left Mulder. It is revealed that Scully's son, William, is the son of The Smoking Man, who is Mulder's father as well. In Season 11, Mulder and Scully hook up again and in the last episode of Season 11, Scully tells Mulder she's pregnant with his child. As of now, there are no plans for a Season 12 and Gillian Anderson (Scully) has no intention of returning to her role in "The X-Files."


Question: After they've defeated the villain Shaw says "you forced me to kill my own brother." Am I missing something? Last we saw in Fate of the Furious his brother was alive and well.

Answer: I believe he was referring to the villain being once like a brother to him.

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Question: Within the movie itself, they introduce the fictitious ADAA instructional film reel which shows a closeup of the lead based paint Timmy is using. You can see the name 'Lead Shield' on the paint can, but does anyone know what phrase is written above the name? (00:22:22)

Answer: "You get better yield with"


Thank you! I had a feeling that's what it read, but since I figured it would be more humorous, I had to ask. Thanks again, I can now sleep at night :).

I looked to see if it was a reference to an old slogan or something, but couldn't find anything, so it seems to just be something to rhyme.


Ka 'i'o - S10-E7

Question: McGarrett was operating alone in Mexico when Junior joined him, against McGarrett's instructions to wait for him to ask Junior to come. He also brought two other persons. Who were they and where did they come from?


Question: What was it that Dolarhyde thought Reba had found at his house? He woke in bed to find her gone, then sort of panicked, going upstairs to his vault where he kept his journal. I never understood what he thought she had found - and how could she? She was blind and couldn't have read his journal, if that is what he thought she had found.

Answer: Dollarhyde was insane, so there was nothing rational about his thoughts or actions. In his alter-ego state, he is hallucinating that Reba may have found his journal, regardless of her being blind.

Thanks for your answer. I found it strange that his line of reasoning, even if insane, did not really inform the audience just what he was so specifically upset about. Good movie, but thoroughly disturbing.

Question: Why is Angelique so obsessed with Barnabas?

Answer: She was obsessively and eternally in love with Barnabas, though he had spurned her.

raywest Premium member

Question: Just before Miss Collins dies she screams "Carrie!" I interpret this as she somehow knows what's happening, what do you guys think?


Answer: I believe she does know. Carrie is the only one in the room who remains calm and is standing still during the chaos. Based on that, Miss Collins seems to surmise that it is Carrie who is somehow manipulating the carnage.

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Question: Why exactly did Ruth jump out of the boat into the acid lake water later on in the movie? Was it to make it easier for the boat to get to the dock? If so, this doesn't make sense as they were still pretty close. Did she just make a bad decision and not think on it?

Answer: It was a deliberate act on her part. She jumped out in shallow water to help propel the boat to shore before it sank. She sacrificed herself to save the family.

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Answer: She was also very adamant that she did not want to leave her home, believing that the mountain would never hurt her. She eventually realised she was wrong. She also loved the home she and her late husband built, but it was destroyed. By sacrificing herself she got her wish to stay.


Question: Did it actually have to be Tony that had to snap Thanos and his army? What difference would it have made if somebody like Clint or even Peter Quill snapped them? As long as Thanos and his army were destroyed the world was safe.

Answer: It was whoever was able to get to it first. It was a frantic tussle trying to get the stones and the gauntlet. Tony happened to be in the right spot to snag them, and he had to act quickly before losing them again.

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Question: Loki was very edgy when Thor returned to Asgard and while I know why, why didn't Thor see through his disguise when he went to Asgard at the end of Age of Ultron?


Answer: Loki, in the guise of Odin, might have instructed Thor to go to another world when he returned to Asgard. What tipped Thor off that Loki was impersonating Odin in this movie was Surtur previously telling him that Odin was not on Asgard, and then Thor returning to Asgard to see Odin with a carefree and hedonistic attitude despite the Nine Realms having plunged into chaos, all the while watching a play that was glorifying Loki.

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Question: Why did Christopher Reeves drive up to the Grand Hotel if cars weren't allowed on the island?

Answer: For environmental reasons, cars are not allowed on the island. The filmmakers received special permission to use autos for the movie. This was likely done for logistical reasons to simplify filming the scene. It is easier for Christopher Reeve to drive a car up to the hotel rather than using an alternative transportation mode available on the island. For example, using a horse-drawn carriage would be more complicated. It would also make little sense to most of the audience and would require plot exposition to explain the island's auto ban.

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Question: Why did the new convicts arrive at the prison wearing prison pants but civilian shirts?

Question: Who was the African-American man with Laura Rose who punched Lionel and why did he punch him?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Question: What do they make Satine drink when she falls ill?

Question: Anyone know what happened to William Lieberman and Lou by the end of the movie?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: After Lou was hit in the head by the trumpet player, it's unclear what happened to him. Moses is supposed to kill Lieberman, so presumably he was eventually murdered.

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