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Question: Spoiler: The project behind The Tethered (and the rabbits) was said to have been abandoned for generations and the subjects left directionless. How, then, did that still have water, power, etc.?

Erik M.

Answer: The project was abandoned, but they obviously kept the tethered ones alive. This may have been out of some sense of compassion, or because there was a possibility they would be useful in the future.

Jason Hoffman

Question: In the scene right after Carnegie discovers Eli escaped his room and we see him doing something with the old shopkeeper, it looked like he was stealing the battery he needed for his MP3. Does anyone else have a different take? Maybe he bought it? (00:49:03)

Answer: He wasn't stealing the battery, the shopkeeper was purposely trying to stall him. That is what why Eli said "tell them I made you do it". Because he was being forced to stall him against his will.

Question: This may seem simplistic, but what happened to the police who were meant to arrive in 14 minutes?

Answer: They were delayed or killed. When the family was given the 14 minute estimate it was before anyone, including the police, realised the extent of the problem.

Jason Hoffman

Free Hat - S6-E9

Question: What is the name of the song that the band plays at the beginning of the announcement of Hat McCullough's release from prison? It's a pretty common song used in films and television, but I've never heard its name. I tried to use the Shazam app on my phone to identify it, but no luck.

Phaneron Premium member

Chosen answer: "Stars and Stripes Forever" by John Philip Sousa.


Question: It's known that the newspaper Janet holds over her head is the Cleveland Plain Dealer, but why that paper, especially considering the movie was filmed in England?

Answer: The setting of Richard O'Brien's original Rocky Horror story was in and around the fictional town of Denton, Ohio. For the movie, the geographic location was more vague; O'Brien claimed many years later that the "Cleveland Plain Dealer" was used merely for recognition purposes so as to appeal to American audiences. But, actually, set designer Brian Thompson chose the "Cleveland Plain Dealer" as a tip-of-the-hat to the story's original setting in Ohio. Also, when we briefly see the Criminologist's map of Brad and Janet's fateful journey, it's a map of southeast Ohio.

Charles Austin Miller

Question: Are there any deleted scenes?

Answer: While I can't find any definitive scenes that have been deleted prior to theatrical release, there was supposed to be a scene involving Kevin having a similar experience with the aftershave as in the first film. Although I can't find a definitive reason to why. There is also an edited version for TV where the scene from the World Trade Centre is removed following the infamous terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001.

Ssiscool Premium member

Question: Was part of the reason Anakin saved Palpatine because he saw him as a friend, and did Palpatine see Anakin as one, or did he just need him for his goals?

Answer: Anakin saved Palpatine because he believed (due to Palpatine's manipulation) that Padme would die without his help. Palpatine wanted Anakin as an apprentice, not a friend. He sensed the power in Anakin and knew he would make a powerful apprentice.

Jason Hoffman

Question: What is the reason Phil's in this time loop? Just to force him to be nice or be stuck for eternity like that?


Answer: No explanation is given in the film. In an early draft of the script it is revealed a spurned lover cursed him, but that concept was dropped. The writer and directer felt it was more interesting to have the reason left a mystery.

Jason Hoffman

Question: Three questions here: Why does Jenny insist Forrest touch her chest, why does she go all the way with him then leave, and wouldn't this be considered a crime on her part as he's only got an IQ of 75?


Answer: Jenny loves Forrest and cares about him deeply. She knows he's in love with her, so she gives him that "gift" before leaving. They were both consenting adults, so unless there was a third party who insisted Forrest couldn't give consent there wouldn't be a legal issue.

Jason Hoffman

Show generally

Question: Did they ever give a reason why Shelley Hack left?


Answer: Hack, who was best known as the "Charlie" perfume model, was brought in after Kate Jackson was let go following numerous disputes she'd had with producers over script quality. At the same time, ratings for the show had been falling. Hack, Tiffany Welles, was supposed to add more glamour and a mystique intrigue to the show. While there was an initial spike in the ratings, they soon declined again. Hack was let go after one season and replaced by Tanya Roberts, who also failed to improve ratings, leading to the show's cancellation.

raywest Premium member

Thanks. Still let's face, the novelty had worn off and it was just a T and A show. I mean, anyone hear of anything worth watching starring any of them outside of this say a few things like Sheena?


Farrah Fawcett probably had the more notable post-Charlie career. She left a silly hit show to pursue more serious work. She received good reviews for such movies as The Burning Bed, Extremities, etc.

raywest Premium member

Teachers' Union/Head Poet's Anxiety - S3-E7

Question: Because Lucy got to be the youngest person to perform at the Royal Woods Theater, does that mean Luan lost her dream?

Answer: Yes.

Question: If the Zurg from the previous movie was the one transported to the daycare at the credits, what happened to the Buzz that decided to stay with him at the end of that movie?

Answer: We are never told that it was the same Zurg toy. If it was then perhaps the other Buzz toy was kept by the person who owned him.

Question: When Robert was talking to Anna and he got angry and smashed the plate, was it because he really was saving the bacon (which is what he told Anna) or I think it was because he had been broadcasting for survivors for YEARS and had come to believe he was the last being on earth and he had just killed his only companion, then this woman just shows up and is talking about an entire community of survivors. What is the reason for his anger?

Answer: It's all of those things basically, but mostly the loss of Sam. He has been alone for very long and couldn't handle the sudden changes, all of them, the biggest one losing his companion.


Question: Why didn't Little Bill just dump his wife? Throw her out? Why kill her instead?


Answer: His wife's constant infidelity finally reached its tipping point for him, so in what was likely a moment of temporary insanity, he decided to punish her and her lover by shooting them. His subsequent suicide could just as well be from the sudden realization of what he just did.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: At the start of the film when the facehugger tries to get into Newt's cryotube, why does it use brute force instead of acid to gain entry?

Darth Crucible

Answer: It does use acid, but it has acid for blood so it needs to harm itself first to produce the acid.


In the first Alien, didn't the facehugger use acid to get into Kane's helmet? It wasn't bleeding acid.

It actually isn't shown exactly how the acid was used to get into Kane's helmet. The creature jumps on his helmet and Kane falls over with the creature on the outside and next we see, the creature has melted its way into the helmet. So it could be it cut itself, just as the creature does in Alien 3.


Question: Has there ever been any sort of canonical discussion about the morality of droid treatment in any Star Wars titles? They're intelligent/sentient, are treated well by most people, even like friends/pets by some. And yet they also seem to casually get their minds wiped, or if they're destroyed many people shrug rather than mourn. Tools to some, valued comrades to others, it's just a bit all over the place. Idle thought really.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Chosen answer: Nobody in the Star Wars universe, except on rare occasions, has shown sympathy towards a droid or any AI. Even though these robots learn, they don't really evolve beyond their programming so they aren't considered "alive" (unlike in other fiction like Wall-E), not even by the most sentimental of people. Organic beings develop attachments to droids, but mostly towards their usefulness, not because they like their personality, not even Luke Skywalker towards R2 or Poe towards BB-8. If they are destroyed, too bad. Memory wiping doesn't remove the droid's original programming either, and their way of talking and manners stay.


In Episode 2, Obi-Wan makes the offhanded comment "Well, if droids could think there'd be none of us here", implying that droids do not actually possess artificial intelligence. R2-D2 seems to be a particularly unusual droid in that he is uncommonly resilient and steadfast, which makes his allies quite fond of him. Poe and BB-8 appear to have a bond that goes beyond simply being attached to the droid's usefulness, but like you say that appears to be a unique case.


Just because he said that doesn't mean they didn't have AI. They think for themselves, so they have AI. Just not as advanced as in other fiction.


The point is raised again later in the film when the cloners state that unlike droids, clones can think for themselves.


Answer: Not in the films, but several of the books removed from canon by Disney mentioned a "droids' rights movement" that decried memory wipes and other dismissals of sentience. (movement).


Solo, which is canon, features a subplot about droid's rights. So not everything has been scrubbed regarding this topic.


Question: The whole plot of this movie makes no sense. What was the purpose of having all the soldiers "brainwashed' when they just used one to carry out what they wanted? Plus, why go to the trouble of doing all this when they could have just hired an assassin? Plus, how did they know, in 1952, that this man would be chosen to be the Vice-President?


Answer: The entire platoon was brainwashed because they were to act as witnesses and verify the fabricated story that Raymond was a "war hero." Raymond was unknowingly (by him) selected to become a sleeper agent within the U.S. government, mentally programmed to be used when needed by the Russians or Chinese. Raymond's monstrous mother, Eleanor Iselin, was married to a ruthless and ambitious U.S. Senator that she was propelling into being their party's presidential candidate. She had contacted Communists to request an assassin kill her husband's political rival so he would become the party's nominee. However, she was unaware at first that her son would be the assassin. Raymond, having been brainwashed, never realised he was a programmed assassin who would have no memory after executing his assignments. He apparently had been recruited because of his step-father's political connections. It is a rather incredible plot, to say the least.

raywest Premium member

Question: How does the blue core memory end up in the dump?

Head - S5-E25

Question: Assuming the mother's not arrested despite assaulting the teacher, shouldn't her son be removed from her home given how horrible a drunkard she is and could abuse him?


Answer: Whether or not she was arrested, the court could order an evaluation regarding her fitness as a parent, require counseling, anger management courses, alcohol rehab and AA meetings, be under CPS supervision, etc.

raywest Premium member

Question: When the Xenomorph is mere inches from Ripley, how was it able to know there was a queen inside of her?

Darth Crucible

Answer: Most likely by smell or other sensory perception. We already know that the aliens inside the hosts adapt and take on DNA and characteristics from them, like most being humanoid from the humans or the one in Alien 3 being more canine since it came from a dog. It's likely that the creatures inside also alter the host's body chemically to better suit their growth in such a short amount of time. This would also be necessary in other situations where the aliens are catching humans or the humans are being exposed to eggs, and the aliens wouldn't kill them or take them again knowing they already have a young one inside them. Now in Alien 3, it's not necessarily the case that the alien knew that it was actually a Queen inside Ripley, but at the very least, it knew one of its own kind was already inside her and knew not to harm her.

Quantom X Premium member

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