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Question: Who is the beautiful woman sitting to the left of Gary Grant in the art auction scene?

Answer: She's just a an auction attendee who happens to be sitting next to Roger Thornhill. They do not know each other.

raywest Premium member

Question: Did the scene where the astronauts take off their bio-med sensors really happen?

Answer: According to transcripts of the actual mission's audio recordings, yes. Though the movie can be lauded for its extent of accuracy, it still has moments of artistic license. In the transcripts, the last reference to BIOMED is between Cap Comm (CC) and Jim Lovell (CDR). CC: "The other thing is, if anyone has on any BIOMED, would you switch your switch to __ your BIOMED switch to that position." CDR: "Understand the first, Vance, and no-one has on any BIOMED__." CC: "Okay." CDR: "Fred and Jack are maneuvering things around right now, and mine is long since departed the scene."

Super Grover Premium member

Answer: From what I've read, they really did remove them, but not in the overly dramatic way shown in the film.

raywest Premium member

Question: What were the Triad throwing into the dryers along side the counterfeit bills?

Answer: It's poker chips (occurs at approx 01:30:35).

Super Grover Premium member

Question: Does Bo have abilities or something?

Answer: Not really. The movie implies that all the characters' actions are being guided by God, the realization of which renews Graham's faith.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: Is Vincent the father of Daka's baby? It doesn't seem clear one way or another throughout the film.


Answer: It's left ambiguous as to who the father is.

raywest Premium member

Question: How does Neiman win the core position in Fletcher's jazz band?

Answer: "Carl cannot play without the sheets, and Andrew tells Fletcher that he can perform 'Whiplash' from memory. After a successful performance, Fletcher promotes Andrew to core drummer. Soon after, Fletcher recruits Ryan Connolly...[and] promotes Connolly to core...After a grueling five-hour session with Fletcher and the other drummers in the class, during which Fletcher kicks furniture and screams at him, Andrew earns back the core spot." ( (2014_film)).

Answer: After his first traumatising session with Fletcher, he practiced and practiced until he could play the part without the sheet music. When Neiman somehow misplaced the to-be core drummers folder, he took a chance and offered to play the part. Fletcher was impressed and promoted Neiman to core drummer at the start of the next session.

Question: What are the make and model for the vehicles each team uses?

Question: What kind of sunglasses did Ron Perlman wear?

Answer: They are Oakley Square Wires. Oakley is the brand mostly worn throughout the Blade series as Wesley Snipes is allegedly a big fan.


Question: Why does It not kill Henry?

Answer: "It" appears to know that Henry and his gang are "The Losers" antagonists and is using him as a weapon against them.

raywest Premium member

Question: Are lightsabers capable of cutting through any substance, or are there objects in the franchise (even if the examples are no longer canon) that have been specifically mentioned as being resistant?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: There are several substances in canon and non-canon that are resistant to lightsabers. Beskar, also known as Mandalorian iron or Mandalorian steel was used to make armor and weapons by the Mandalorian people. Cortosis was an ore that, when heavily refined, stopped lightsaber blades and blaster bolts. Phrik was another metal, used in Darth Sidious' lightsabers and the electrostaffs used by Grievous' robot guards. Neuranium was a very, very dense and heavy metal that was partially resistant to lightsabers, but was more often used to shield from scanners. The species orbalisk and vonduun crab had carapaces that could withstand the blow of a lightsaber.


Answer: The Force Awakens features stormtroopers using the "Z6 riot control baton", which they use to block the lightsaber when Finn uses it.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Is it the baton itself that is resistant, or the energy surge around it? Because I know Snoke's guards were able to block lightsabers with energized weapons as well.

Phaneron Premium member

Yes you see them in Episode III as well when fighting on the bridge of the chancellor's ship. My guess is the energy blocks the lightsaber. It's logical they would come up with some sort of technology to block lightsabers if materials that can block them are that rare.


Answer: There are a handful of items, but I don't believe any have been mentioned or shown in the film series (other than another lightsaber itself). Mandalorian Iron (also known as Beskar) and Phrix are resistant to lightsaber attacks and have been mentioned in the TV show "Star Wars: The Clone Wars", but I don't recall if their resistance is specifically mentioned in the show.


Question: Did Harry ever find out of the truth about how his father died? If so, then how?

Answer: Yes, it's shown in the film. The butler tells him, and it's why Harry decides to help Spider Man at the end of the film. In fact, this is one of the plot points that caused such derision of the film because it was so ridiculous that the butler would have waiting so long to tell Harry what really happened to his father.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

I'll bet Harry couldn't believe he hated Spider-Man for something he never did.

Question: In the first classroom scene with Mr. Morgan, what does he call Joey?

Answer: He calls him "Chachi." This seems to be a reference to the "Happy Days" and "Joanie Love Chachi" character Chachi, who was played by Scott Baio. Joey (played by Andrew Keegan) looks like a young Scott Baio.


Question: How could WOPR not know the difference between a game and real life?

Answer: While merely speculation, the WOPR is not alive and knows only what it's been programmed to do. It would have no concept of life or death, and as such would see no difference between the simulation and the real thing. That being said, an easy way to make it see the difference would be to program it to not waste physical resources. It would then see the use of all its actual warheads as less desirable.

Jason Hoffman

Answer: This film is science fiction and hardly reflective of a real-life scenario. The WOPR is depicted as being almost semi-sentient that is flawed. The movie employs an illogical, suspension-of-disbelief plot line.

raywest Premium member

Question: Did the black soldiers ever earn the white soldiers' respect?

Answer: As the soldiers marched toward the hill in the final battle, the white soldiers yelled, "Give them Hell, 54." Everyone knew it was a suicide mission, they saw them as brave and honorable men.

Question: How did the new gauge in the car read the boiler temperature? It wasn't connected to the train at all.

Answer: It was based on the speed the train, and therefore the car, was travelling.

Question: Who taught Annie to read, and how come Annie's parents never signed the note she keeps?

Answer: Some people can teach themselves to read. Also at one point in the movie you can see a classroom of some type so at one time they may have been taught how to read.

Nightwing - S2-E13

Question: So Dick breaks out of prison...and then stays out with no problem? They know his name, who he is, that he's escaped, now he's just hanging out as usual? Did I miss something?

Jon Sandys Premium member

Question: If someone could confirm these 2 continuity errors...The soldiers move the tree from across the road and they all jump back in the truck. The shot then looks back to the scene of the farmhouse but the tree is not there. Also the last scene where he walks towards the tree, I am sure the tree had no foliage in one split second or looked quite different. I thought it may have been on purpose but I found no reference to it. Are these valid?

Question: Why on one DVD cover for this did they remove the axe Harriet's holding behind her back?


Question: How does anyone know Billy's story? He doesn't seem like he'd tell anyone.


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