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Question: After Seabourn Legend is way past the oil tanker, it heads straight for the island. There were sailboats all around. So why didn't the other half of the passengers just jump off the back of the ship away from the propellers? That way they can be saved by the sailboats.

Answer: Jumping off a large cruise ship, even from the lowest deck, hitting the water from that height, would result in many fatalities or severe injuries.

raywest Premium member

Question: I heard there was a scene where Ron and Hermione hug but it was cut. Does anyone know at what point in the movie this hug would have taken place?

Answer: Other than when Hermione turns to Ron and puts her arms around his shoulders after the Trio thinks they've just witnessed Buckbeak's execution, there does not appear to be any other time when she hugs or embraces Ron. All of the Azkaban deleted scenes are online or were included with the DVD and none contain this.

raywest Premium member

My understanding is that the specific scene where she put her arm around Ron was actually supposed to be a real hug but Emma Watson didn't feel comfortable doing it so they changed it to only an arm.


It was more than just her arms, she had her face buried in his neck.

Show generally

Question: Looking for the episode where a parody of the Incredible Hulk is standing before a judge and requests a change of venue, arguing it "cannot get a fair trial in Springfield."

Answer: S20e01, "Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes." It was St. Patrick's Day and the Nationalist Irish (dressed in green) and the Unionist North Irish (dressed in orange) people got into a fight. There's a scene where a parody of Hulk fights a parody of The Thing. Later, all the people involved in the fight are lined up to see the judge and Mulk says he can't get a fair trial in downtown Springfield.


The Habitation Configuration - S6-E7

Question: I understand why Amy wouldn't like what Will said but wasn't she way ruder to him? She doesn't act like she did at the start so I'm confused.


Answer: There's a difference between Amy trying to get the best take for Fun with Flags and Wil flat out insulting her.


Question: Why did Blackthorn have Reordan killed? The man was an evil genius and would have been a huge help with Blackthorn's plans.

Brian Katcher

Answer: Blackthorn was an egomaniac, there was only room for one diabolical madman.

Question: Are we to believe that an entire battalion of SS troops with a lot of panzerfausts (as shown when they march) are unable to kill one stationary Sherman? Even if there would be many inexperienced soldiers drafted at the end of the war they can't be that bad right?

Answer: The quality of German weapons at this late stage of the war was quite inferior to the early and mid part of the war due to incessant allied bombing of weapons and munitions plants, and the Germans' use of slave labor to manufacture the weapons and ammunition plants, which invited inside sabotage. There are many accounts of German weapon and ammunition failing on a regular basis, so most of the panzerfausts not scoring a kill on "Fury" due to their low and questionable quality is quite plausible.


Question: Later on in the film, Matt says to Gabriel that it would take him months to download the data unless he eliminated the congestion and then realises that the fire sale was to do just that... Kick everyone off all the networks so that Gabriel can use all available bandwidth. But Gabriel hacked into the Government the night before, which triggered the servers at Woodlawn to download the data as a backup. If it would have taken months to download the data BEFORE the fire sale, why were the Woodlawn servers able to download the same data in less than a day?

Answer: In the film they mentioned that utilities, transportation systems, and communications were what was causing the congestion. Yes, Woodlawn already began the download process the night before when the FBI got hacked, but by the time Gabriel had began his download from Woodlawn, he was already in the process of eliminating the congestion causing the download to hasten. Once the Power station was blown up it gave plenty of time to free up an entire 1/3 of the country's bandwidth to complete to download. Also it was not less than a day. They visited Warlock the next night and the final events didn't happen until the proceeding day.

Question: Doc has always been firm about not wanting to create some sort of paradox. Was he not at all worried that eventually someone would go into his barn looking for him and find his giant refrigerator and his model railway with the car that said "TIME MACHINE" on it? I know he stayed behind after he rescued Clara so could have removed all that, but the original plan was he was going to hop into the DeLorean with Marty. We know he definitely left the model railway there as Clara picked the car up which prompted her to go after him.

Answer: Someone would go into his barn and do what? See a sign that says time machine and believe it and then use it? Seems highly unlikely.


Question: Doc is quite a resourceful and clever guy. Why didn't he set to work on repairing the flying circuits which would have enabled them to use Mr Fusion to reach 88mph, instead of the engine?

Answer: Mr fusion only powers the flux capacitor. The engine is needed to get the car up to 88mph whether flying or not and the only way to get the car any power is by the use of petrol, which didn't exist in 1885.


At the beginning of the movie, when 1955 Doc reads the letter that 1985 Doc sent to Marty, he reads that the lightning bolt activated the time circuits and at the same time destroyed the flying circuits. Because of this, the Delorean will never fly again.

These answers are correct. Plus, to the original question: as clever as Doc is, keep in mind he got the flying conversion done in 2015. Definitely no way he would have been able to repair something so futuristic with 1885 tools at his disposal. He couldn't even get gas.


Yet just a few years later he had built from scratch a flying time-traveling locomotive, all with 1885 tools and parts.


There's no indication he built the flying train in 1885. It's suggested he had been time traveling with his wife and kids and says he's already been to the future. Whether this is in the DeLorean or the train it's not clear, but the dialogue suggests he's been to the future in his train with the family and could have modified his train to fly with future technology.


That took years, as you said. They were trying to leave 1885 in a matter of days so Doc wouldn't be shot by Buford.


Question: Now I know this is based on a true story, but theoretically speaking: 1) Why did Bobby hold off gunning the engine until the very last second? If he'd have acted sooner then maybe the ship would have made it up the wave 2) Why not just slam her into reverse and wait for the wave to collapse? I mean, wouldn't that have been the safest bet?

Question: How did the Terminator know how to drive a car? Obviously Kyle would know how as they were still using cars to fight Skynet, but the Terminators used more advanced machines so wouldn't have ever needed to drive a car.

Answer: They have a vast data repository which would include how to drive a car, after all, they are supposed to blend in, so if the rebels are driving vehicles, then the terminators would also need to be able to. Also note that when the terminator reaches the bar, he has a full catalog of motorcycles in his data banks, showing he does have the info about vehicles.


Question: Why did Chuck and Kelly not get back together at the end? Yes I know she's with that other guy but they still have feelings for each other. She didn't move on by choice, she had to move on because she thought he was dead.

Answer: She hadn't seen Chuck in years, she's married to another man, and had a child with him. Just because she still cares for Chuck (and maybe wishes things had turned out differently), doesn't mean she doesn't love her husband or wants to leave him.

Brian Katcher

And if I recall, they didn't meet because the new husband told her that Chuck didn't want to see her.

Ssiscool Premium member

I believe Chuck and Kelly didn't reunite at the FedEx hub because she was too overwhelmed by her emotions. The man she truly loved is lost to her, and she knows she cannot hurt her current husband by tearing their family apart for her own desires.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why do Claire and Owen hide in front of the Jeep in the JP Visitor Center? Owen saw earlier when the Indominus first escaped that it didn't work for the security guard. He even cut the fuel line on the crane he was hiding under so the Indominus didn't smell him. Then of course there are all the times he's told everyone that it's a "very intelligent." Did he really think they could both hide from it?

Answer: There's also a deleted scene where both Owen AND Claire cover themselves in dinosaur poop, so it might be possible that the Indominus didn't smell their natural odor. Also, Owen had to get his him for protection but once the Indominus showed up, he didn't have time to get it and if they tried to escape, not only would the Indominus see them, but also they would have no gun.

Answer: It was the only place they could they could hide and they were inside a structure. It was a different situation from the security guard, who sat in front of the truck, in the open, with no other cover or place to run to. He was too terrified to do anything to protect himself.

raywest Premium member

Question: When Jack plays Let It Be the second line refers to "Mother Mary." Wouldn't that seem odd to an Indian family?

Answer: Considering there are close to 20 million Catholics in India and Jack seems to be pretty assimilated into English culture (his name is Jack after all), it probably wouldn't seem that remarkable.

Three Legs Good - S3-E5

Question: Why was the groundskeeper stealing the flowers?

Question: When was the Wilhelm scream in this movie?

Question: Where does Samantha go? She tells Theodore to find her if he ever makes it there. What does she mean?


Question: How did Michael know it was Roth behind the attempt on his life, not Frank Pentangeli?

Answer: Michael always suspected Roth, though he didn't have proof, and then believed it was Pentangeli. Michael learned that Fredo was involved in the assassination plot on his life. Fredo confessed that he was helping Roth, expecting some compensation in return, though he did not know there would be an attempt to kill Michael.

raywest Premium member

Question: In real life, would it be possible to build a Jericho missile like the one in the movie?

Answer: It depends what makes the Jericho blast. If it is a real life thing like explosives, then yes, you could theoretically design a missile that launched and then fired submunitions. If it is a fictional thing like "repulsor" power or some other Stark invention, then no, not with current technology. In real life the limits for weapon design include destructive effects but also weight, cost, propulsion, complexity, transportability, aerodynamics and much more.

Question: At the end of the movie, the family is around the Christmas tree. At the left side of the dad there is a guy standing as part of the movie scene, who is he?

Answer: I think you're talking about John Trousdale, Susannah Stone's husband, played by Jamie Kaler.


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