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Question: Why did the trio watch Buckbeak being executed?


Answer: Because they had some small hope that something would happen that prevented it, they stayed to see if a miracle would happen basically. They didn't want to see it of course, but they felt it too terrible to just not know if there was any hope it wouldn't happen and then miss it.


But how could they tell from the top of that hill? They were so far away they couldn't hear a thing.

They could see the executioner from where they were standing, just not very well or entirely. They saw him swinging the ax, but not what he was hitting. They just assumed it was Buckbeak.

raywest Premium member

Answer: They didn't actually see Buckbeak being executed because he never was. They were far enough away that they only partially saw the executioner wield the axe, but he was actually chopping a pumpkin out of frustration because Buckbeak had disappeared. If they had been closer, they most likely would not have looked at all, not wanting to witness such a gruesome scene.

raywest Premium member

Thank you but I was meaning to ask why they stayed on that hill to watch instead of returning to the common room?

It's pointless to speculate what their reasoning for watching was because it really comes down to it being a plot device. The audience has to think that Buckbeak has been killed in order to propel the story forward. That is achieved by having HR&H stop atop the hill and watch what they think is the execution. It also is to convey their sense of grief and hopelessness.

raywest Premium member

Question: What's the point of the braces?

Answer: Mort had some problem with his jaw and eventually got braces to help correct it. I also read that it was Johnny Depp's idea for Mort to get braces, believing it added an interesting facet to his character.

raywest Premium member

Answer: If you recall, Mort was kicked in the mouth after he had stabbed his wife in the leg. I'm thinking braces were the result.

The point of braces is to straighten your teeth out. Getting kicked in the mouth isn't going to render your teeth crooked. Your teeth would be completely knocked out first.

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: What I find ironic is the fact he tries to fix his teeth with braces hoping to minimize double-personality jaw mimique, while he grows and eats corn in the garden. Corn and braces are one of the worst possible combination in terms of comfort of eating. That was nice spice of absurdity to the story.

Answer: As read in previous answers the jaw aches came about because of his imagination of Shooter. Shooter is taking over Mort's personality, throughout the movie it progressively gets worse and worse until the end where Shooter finally gets through to Mort and takes over. The braces are now a sign that Mort can no longer hold back Shooter, and it's shown because the braces stop the mannerism. (Shooter is the sole personality and no longer needs to push his way out, thus the need for braces and no more pain). He finally got his way. The true ending.

Answer: He's just getting his teeth straightened.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: At one point in the movie the fed introduces herself saying she is with ATF. Does ATF handle Treasury? I thought Treasury was handled by the Secret Service. Is this a mistake or am I misinformed?

scaryterri Premium member

Chosen answer: You are correct, the ATF does not handle currency. This is a mistake, either in the script or made by the actress. She correctly identifies herself as a Treasury agent throughout the film but does say in one scene she is an ATF agent.


Question: How are Captain America, Black Widow, and Black Panther talking to Proxima Midnight through the Wakandan cloaked shield? What's she looking at? Trees?


Answer: It's not a cloaking shield. It's a defensive barrier. There would be no need to have a cloaking shield within the city because anybody that's inside the city would seemingly already know that Wakanda is hidden.

Phaneron Premium member

The cloak is to hide the city. If Cap flew in and only saw trees...what is the Black Order looking at and talking to?


The cloaking shield is what hides the city from overhead view, so aircraft that fly over can't see that there's an advanced city hiding within what is believed to be a third-world country. The barrier around the palace is to prevent enemies from attacking. That's why the "space dogs" are being torn apart when they try to go through the shield. When it becomes apparent that they can get through the shield when they attempt to do so in large numbers, Black Panther orders a section of the shield to be opened in order to bottleneck the forces in so that they can't surround the palace and penetrate the shield from a side that's not as well guarded.

Phaneron Premium member

Question: For no obvious reason - except for the fun of it - the downsizing procedure included a complete shave-down. In the Norwegian colony they have horses, sheep and dogs. Were the animals also shaved before being downsized?

Answer: They apparently shave them because the process only works on living tissue. So yes, they would have had to shave the animals.

Question: What is up with the auction scene? Knowing that dinosaurs are unpredictable, why would they want to sell them off anyway? What were people planning on doing with them; keep them as pets? Build their own park? Use them against their enemies? This scene makes no sense and plus, even with them able to make more and more dinosaurs, why keep selling them at all? I'm sorry for all the questions but this scene is just weird for me.

Answer: They were sold for the sole purpose of making hundreds of millions of dollars from the auction and future sales. The buyers had different reasons for wanting them: weaponizing them, for trophy hunting, private zoos, etc. The buyers' zeal in wanting such exotic animals overruled their sensibilities regarding how dangerous the dinosaurs were and the extreme conditions needed to manage them.

raywest Premium member

Question: In one of the scenes after Toomey stabbed Dinah, the color of her clothes changes from a saturated version of her pink outfit to a very obvious green. I was wondering if this color change was intentional, a mistake, or a request from one of the actors?

Question: Why is Stanley Ipkiss wearing different pyjamas the morning after his second transformation of the Mask? He was wearing the original ones when he put on the Mask the second night.

Answer: Because his pyjamas got torn when he was at the Coco Bongo - when he's shot at as the Mask, the piece of his tie that falls off transforms back into his pyjamas.

Heather Benton Premium member

April Fools Rules/Cereal Offender - S1-E18

Question: Even though Luan turns into a sadistic prankster on April Fools' Day, does she still have no intention of seriously hurting her family?

Question: How come Marilyn can't let her daughter go out as a hippie for Halloween?

Answer: Most likely because at the time, Hippies represented the counter-culture, which is/was in direct opposition to the conservative generation of the mother and not something Marilyn would want associated with the Lovells family given their high profile.


Question: Why did Finch get upset when Creedy brought up his mom being a prisoner at some facility?

Answer: It is implied that Finch's mother (and, indeed, his whole family) was actually killed during the Norsefire Party's genocidal rise to power several years earlier. Although both Creedy and Finch are now members of the Norsefire Party, Creedy suspects that Finch may still harbor a grudge against the Party and is, therefore, untrustworthy. In this scene, Creedy is needling Finch about his mother's death, attempting to provoke an angry response. Creedy is testing Finch's loyalty.

Charles Austin Miller

The Juror - S7-E7

Question: Why was Ben on a jury? Wouldn't being a lawyer make him exempt from jury duty?

Answer: No, being a lawyer doesn't exempt one from serving jury duty. Although during jury selection one of the trying lawyers may want to have the lawyer stricken from the jury.


Question: At the diner, why was Rizzo mad at Kenickie? She seemed to be mad at him about something and I get the feeling that it wasn't because of how he ate his burger.

Answer: He was being a jerk and insensitive. But really she was worried she was pregnant and that made her have a short fuse.


Answer: Kenickie said Rizzo had the personality of a wet mop. After Rizzo said "Don't start with me!", Kenickie put his arm around Frenchy and said "Eureka, how about I finish with you." which means that Kenickie was going to break up with Rizzo. Rizzo thought that Kenickie put his arm around Frenchy because he was going to dump her for Frenchy. He didn't, though.

Answer: No, earlier on there was a big argument between Kinickie and Rizzo that was cut from the movie and that's why they were upset with each other in that scene.

Is there a clip of it?

Question: Ted's friend Dom knows a guy who can find Mary for him. Later on it's revealed that Dom is also Woogie, Mary's old boyfriend who got weird on her and is still obsessed with her. However, if Dom knew Healy could find Mary why didn't he use him himself to find Mary and stalk her again?


Answer: Mary mentions to Dom that there was a restraining order against him, which was the first reason. But he also mentioned he spent 9 years in therapy sessions trying to get past their former relationship. This would suggest Dom hadn't considered trying to find Mary until Ted took the lead.

Lummie Premium member

Question: When Eddie goes to see Dan about the test results, Dan says that the symbiote is damaging Eddie's organs but Venom says it's part of the symbiosis. Was Venom really damaging Eddie's body? If not, what was he really doing?

Answer: Venom was using Eddie, much like Riot, to invade Earth. Venom was damaging Eddie's body until he grew to like him, which is why he said he could fix it while Dan was telling Eddie all of this.

Answer: If they are not sustained by other nutrients (like lobster) they will start feeding on the host. Venom was doing that to Eddie, until he is fed.


Show generally

Question: What episode was J J beaten and lost her baby?

Answer: I believe you are describing s09e14, "200." Although it was the road side bomb that caused the miscarriage.


Answer: Heartbreaking.

Quantom X Premium member

The One With Five Steaks and an Eggplant - S2-E5

Question: In an episode not long before this, Monica said that she is 26 years old. At the concert, she meets a young man who she used to babysit, and he is now a lawyer. Is she old enough to have babysat someone who now has that career?

Answer: It is never really made clear what the age difference was when she babysat for him. She mentions at one point that he was eight, but that is about it. It isn't stated how long he has been a lawyer, so perhaps he became a lawyer, and gotten a job at the firm he works for fairly recently.

Casual Person

Question: Did any of the human characters in this movie appear in any episode of the Barney franchise before or after the film was released?

Answer: None of the human characters have appeared in any other Barney production.

Super Grover Premium member

Question: Is this movie based on the fairy tale "The Emperor's New Clothes" by Hans Christian Andersen? (02:17:20 - 04:00:45)

Answer: No, not in the slightest. The names are similar, but it's an entirely new and different story.

Jason Hoffman

Question: Why was Sorrento's avatar's eyes glowing yellow when he first sees Irock then turn blue after he sighs? Was this a reference to Superman's heat vision? I don't get it. Does his Clark Kent looking avatar have those powers?

Answer: Ironically, in a movie full of pop culture references in nearly every scene, this particular thing does not seem to be a direct reference to anything in particular. If this was supposed to be an indication of Superman's heat vision the color of the eyes would most certainly have been red, the color that is almost universally used for Superman's heat vision. The eyes seem to be yellow while Sorrento is in shadow and blue when he is not. Either that or the eyes just change color at random for no apparent reason other than Sorrento thinks it looks cool.


Answer: Sorrento's avatar's eyes are an indication of his mood. Blue is calm, but they flare yellow or orange the more agitated, upset, alarmed or angry he is. They only go completely red once - just before he sets off the Cataclyst.

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