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New today Question: Why did Arthur need to go to Atlantis to meet Vulko? We see Vulko coming to the surface multiple times, would it not have been easier to meet Arthur on land?

New today Question: Why would Wade be upset at Sorrento for killing his aunt when she and Rick abused him?

Cody Fairless-Lee

New today Answer: Just because they were lousy at parenting and treated him badly doesn't mean you want them dead or aren't upset they are murdered.


New today Question: Why does Alice suddenly like Joe after tearing him apart for being "the deputy's kid"?

Cody Fairless-Lee

New today Question: What's the name of the song the woman is singing at the restaurant in Stony Creek?

New today Question: Where did the Hawks go to high school?

New today Answer: The fate of the Hawks after the first movie is never mentioned, besides of course Adam Banks.


New today Question: Ann was mentioning to Eddie about suing. Who was she or Eddie planning to sue?

Cody Fairless-Lee

New today Question: Where is Eden Hall filmed in Minnesota, as in what school did they use?

Ballrooms and Biscotti - S4-E1

New today Question: Why didn't Lorelei and Rory just give Luke the biscotti from their trip?


New today Question: If Scott was under house arrest how could he have paid bills?


New today Answer: If you mean how did he afford to pay his bills, he makes money from his security firm.

Brian Katcher

New today Answer: Online.

Jon Sandys Premium member

New today Question: Why were members of John's former team given new identities?

New today Answer: Possibly so any surviving enemies they encountered on previous missions and or tours of duty couldn't hunt them down and kill them for revenge.

New today Question: Did White Castle sell cheeseburgers in this time period?

New today Answer: Absolutely. White Castle is credited as the first "fast food" chain in the United States. The company began it's traditional brick and mortar, fast food burger operation in 1921 but had operated as a food cart company since 1916.


Dead Air - S2-E11

New today Question: How could the dead girl's watch show the time of death?

New today Answer: Louisa's watch was broken during the struggle to get away from her attacker.


No Laughing Matter/No Spoilers - S2-E21

New today Question: After Lola thinks that Luan made a doll pun, and she laughs, why does her response anger Luan? Was Lola not really amused?

New today Question: If the Mayor's death is only in the extended edition, then why was there no mention of it in the theatrical edition? Also, why wouldn't the town stand up to Berringer for killing their Mayor?

Cody Fairless-Lee

New today Question: Hansel said in the end that Augsburg knows who they are now. Does that mean they know that murdering his and Gretel's parents was wrong?

Cody Fairless-Lee

New today Question: Does Violet stay blue and Mike remain incredibly thin and tall after they leave the factory?

Cody Fairless-Lee

New today Answer: In the book, it's implied that they did.

Brian Katcher

New today Question: Why was Roger and Anita's wedding in the newspaper?

New today Answer: It was typical for marriages to be announced in the print newspapers, just like births and deaths. They are public notices.

raywest Premium member

New today Question: Did Charlie ever work at the skate shop?

New today Question: How old are Tony and Tia in this movie?

New today Answer: In "Escape To Witch Mountain", Tony tells the lady in charge of the children's home that their foster parents adopted them when Tia was 3 and Tony was 5. "Escape" possibly takes place 6 years after they were adopted, making them 9 and 11 in "Escape", and 12 and 14 in "Return"

New this month Question: Paul lived to be an old old man because John touched him. Did Malinda live to be an old women since John healed her of cancer? Nothing was ever said about her but Mr. Jingles lived to be an old mouse.

New this month Answer: Yes she lived for very long and ailment free. But you gotta know Elaine was already much older than Paul was, so even though she lived very long, Paul outlived her. He specifically mentioned her, saying something in the lines of "eventually I even outlived Elaine."


I think you are confusing Melinda and Elaine. Elaine is the woman Paul is recounting his story to, she is considerably younger than him and yet he outlives her. Melinda is the wife of the warden who John Coffey heals. It is not said how long she lives but since Paul specifically mentions his long life being a curse for his role in John's execution, we can assume she was not particularly long lived as he was.


Yes, of course. Melinda. I got the idea that the people who John Coffey heals have long life without ailments. Paul and the mouse are the living proof of that, so why not Melinda? I meant to say Melinda was I think already older than Paul when she was healed by Coffey (although the actress was 40 when this film was made) and thus her life was extended, but less so. She may have died even after Paul's wife, even though he mentions her first. It's still probably been a while though.


Melinda's fate after John heals her is never mentioned. Paul believes he has been cursed with long life as punishment for his role in John's execution. That to me indicates that Melinda didn't live a particularly long life. If she had Paul would have no reason to believe he was being punished.


Besides Mr. Jingles.


New this month Answer: It would appear, based on what Paul says, that only he and Mr. Jingles were gifted (cursed?) with long life. Paul specifically mentions outliving his family and friends and is shown outliving Elaine as well. Paul speculates that his long life is punishment for his role in executing John, but he says nothing of why Mr. Jingles lives for so long.


Paul says that he believed that what happened to Mr. Jingles was an accident. Meaning he was never supposed to have a long life but, during Del's execution, a small bit of John's healing power accidentally went into Mr. Jingles.

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