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Question: When Korben first drops of Leeloo at the Priest's apartment, he is wearing a tank top. At the seam of his shoulder running vertically is a scar. The year before, Die Hard with a Vengeance premiered and McClane was injured in that same spot. Seemed like a strange bit to add to T5E. Did anyone recall any backstory or explanation for that scar? Other than his general only survivor of his unit (don't tell Fingers, that deserter!) description.

Question: So sawing through the thick chain would take too long. What about the padlock which is much thinner? Does flesh plus bone take less time than a thin padlock?

Answer: Nope. Wouldn't work. Per a quick Google search: Padlocks are typically made with hardened steel specifically to make them impenetrable by basic tools like hacksaws. That's why power-tools, bolt cutters or torches are often used to break padlocks... you can't just saw through them with a regular hacksaw.


Question: Why did Jack speed the train up? All he did was try pressing the emergency brake button. That particular train had a combined power handle (pushing it forward is the throttle, pulling it backwards is the service brake).

Question: What is that device that Payne uses in the elevator? He punches 46 into it and the elevator starts going up, but later he pushes the number 3 on the elevator buttons themselves and it start going down.

Question: During the part of the film where Forrest sits on a bus bench and tells various strangers his life story, what year is it supposed to be?

Answer: 1981.

Answer: It's April 1981. He had received Jenny's letter where she says she's watching the news about the Reagan assassination attempt, which was March 30, 1981.


Question: What plays before Mia is crowned queen? Not the Genovia Anthem, the orchestral music.

Question: At the end of the movie when Dave exits the truck, he holds Debbie from behind and in a romantic way sniffed her hair. Not only did Debbie lean back into him and smile, but Mike looked at them and didn't seem bothered. Is there an interview anywhere where the crew explains why Debbie and Dave seemed like they got back together out of nowhere? Are we supposed to forget the movie started off with Mike and Debbie as a couple?


Question: Why/what was Kazan so afraid of, after he fell into the green cube, from the blue one (on top), the one Quentin opened? I remember Kazan saying he didn't like the red ones, but they were in a green one I think. Also, how did he survive in there, is he a survivor of a previous rounds, or how did he know the spike room for example? (00:23:25 - 00:42:35)

Question: Did Stu suspect anything was wrong? Mrs Doubtfire insulted him saying his car was to compensate for his manhood and threw a lime at the back of his head, and he still invited her to the birthday dinner he booked? Was he not at all suspicious?

Answer: Stu may have bypassed the comment as it only looked like it may have bothered him for a few seconds, but he got past it quickly. As to the lime, Mrs. Doubtfire directly told him it was an angry member of the kitchen staff who threw it, so he wouldn't have got angry at her for that incident.

Question: Why didn't the elders keep medication in the village? They walk about on the odd occasion in a costume, they could, say every year or so, get vital supplies of medication from a ranger. The ranger in the shack may be aware of the village. The Walker family was left with billions of pounds which created the village, hired the rangers and made a no fly zone. But with that money they didn't think to have one ranger who could throw over supplies on occasion, and pick it up under their costume.

Answer: The elders were committed to complete isolation, secrecy, and rejection of all modern things. They vowed never to contact the outside world. It's unclear how much the head ranger actually knew about the reserve, which would prevent information about the village from being spread once an employee leaves the job. Another factor, many medications require proper storage. The antibiotic that the junior ranger gave Ivy was refrigerated, and the village had no electricity whatsoever. Also, delivering medical and other supplies would cause the younger villagers, who knew nothing about the modern world, to ask probing questions about what everything was, how it was made, where did it come from, and why couldn't they go there. This really boils down to the movie being one huge unbelievable plot hole that makes little sense.

raywest Premium member

Question: Why did the Judge tell Col. Jessup that he did not need to answer the question about ordering the Code Red? Essentially the same question was posed to Lt. Kendrick, and he had to answer.

Answer: Because Kaffee's "question" was preceded by a string of accusations that resulted in multiple objections from Ross, and he (Kaffee) had been told repeatedly to stop by the judge. Therefore, the judge told Jessup he didn't need to answer, because the question was out of order and Ross' objection needed to be addressed. Realistically, it wouldn't have been "You don't have to answer that", but rather "Do not answer that" until the judge ruled on everything Kaffee did wrong. However, it's a movie, so we breeze past it to Jessup's Big Speech.

Question: When Strange is surgically removing the bullet from the patient's brain, why did he ask the one doctor to cover his wristwatch?

raywest Premium member

Answer: The watch was reflecting light into his eyes.


Answer: I took it to mean Dr. Strange could hear the watch ticking, and he wanted complete silence.


Question: How Did Leslie escape from the Sea Swine pit?


Question: The park scene. When Cheng and Mei Ying were arguing...what were they saying?

Show generally

Question: How was effect of the light bulb that lit up whenever Fester put it in his mouth achieved?

Answer: Basically from what I understand, they stuck the innards of a small flashlight into the base of the bulb and put a little switch on it. When he put it in his mouth and bit down, his teeth would hit the switch, which would turn on the flashlight and made the bulb light up.


Question: Why didn't everyone Baranabus bit turn into a vampire?

Answer: That question has already been asked and answered. The original vampire myth states, anyone who dies by the bite of a vampire, while rise as one. That's after the victim has been completely drained of blood.

The Scent of Roses - S4-E12

Question: When Stevie gets shot, RC and Devon chase after the guy but stop when getting shot at. Why didn't they jump into KITT and continue to chase them?

Question: While the sheep were counted, Aguirre said to Jack and Ennis "Some of these never went up there with you." with a frustrated look. What does he mean?

Bunch Son

Answer: He means they've brought back sheep that weren't part of the original herd, which implies they didn't completely separate them from the Chilean sheep earlier in the film.

Question: This question is for all the novels. How are all the schools in the wizarding world kept hidden from the muggle world? Surely if a plane were to fly over Hogwarts, people would be shocked at seeing people flying around on broomsticks and using magic.

Answer: The International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy is in charge of hiding the general wizarding community from the Muggle world. As for many of the wizarding schools such as Hogwarts, their use of multiple Concealment Charms provide the necessary protection to creatively conceal them from Muggle view.

Super Grover Premium member

Also, Muggles usually don't "want" to see magic. Most of them are too convinced that magic is not real. A Muggle might see the occasional wizard/witch fly high above them on a broom, and assume they imagined it.

Answer: There are special spells at work to hide the schools and other places from muggles. In Deathly Hallows for example you can see Hermione cast a few when they are in the woods. An example is "Repello Muggletum", which is a barrier that causes Muggles who hit it to forget they were there and turn around.


Kerplunk - S2-E13

Question: When Galveston Gus slides money under Emerson's door, who is on the bill? He looks like a famous historical figure or politician, but I can't seem to place him.


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