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Revealing mistake: After Poe's X-Wing is destroyed, when BB-8 leaves the village and rolls off note all the distinctive hills and sand dunes in front of BB-8. Later, when Rey hears BB-8 with Teedo and she rushes off note the sand dunes in front of her, but after she rescues BB-8 and walks in the opposite direction those same sand dunes are now in front of them, which were also the same sand dunes in front of BB-8 when he left the village the night before.

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Suggested correction: BB-8 is heading towards a background at night, the other instances are all near where BB-8 is since they are all focused around him. Rey finds BB-8, only possible if she is near the same background. BB-8 was going towards that background so can only be closer to it than before. Same goes for Finn as they crashed near where BB-8 was, since they were looking for him. They are not the exact same locations but a couple of miles apart, which produces the same background.


When Rey rushes toward Teedo and then when she walks away in the opposite direction with BB-8 the very same sand dunes are still in front of her and BB-8. Those sand dunes are also the exact same sand dunes right in front of BB-8 when he left the village. The correction states "They are not the exact same locations but a couple of miles apart", but they are in fact the exact same sand dunes and hills, certainly not miles apart, and I do not mean the general horizon "which produces the same background" (screenshots available).

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