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Continuity mistake: Jason and Kaylee arrive in LA on Thursday, and phase one begins Friday morning, but during 'phase one: surveillance day', when Jason and Kaylee are at the stunt demo, Jason looks at Marty's iPAQ PDA and the date reads Sunday, June 4th (stunt demo noted between 12:30 and 1:30pm). Yet, when Vince, the stunt coordinator, tells Marty that he's taking the next day off (day of 'phase two') to take his granddaughter to a birthday party, the clown invitation notes July 28th as the day of the party. Then, on Saturday 'phase two: the take down', when Jason is seated at the bus stop he looks at Marty's PDA and the date reads June 22nd, the day of the 'Whitaker and Fowl' premiere and party. Go figure... (00:35:50 - 00:52:40)

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