Enemy at the Gates

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Continuity mistake: When Danilov first shows Vassili the leaflets that praise his exploits, the shot shows a leaflet coming off the printing press with four "x-ed out helmets", indicating how many German soldiers Vassili has killed. The camera follows the leaflet off the press, Danilov picks up the leaflet and hands it Vassili. The next shot shows Vassili looking at the leaflet, but now there are five x-ed out helmets. (00:20:30)

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Suggested correction: The other X'd-out helmet is beneath Danilov's thumb. You'll notice that the border is wider and there is an additional text column on the left of the page beneath the helmet hidden by his thumb.

That other X under his thumb is from a 2nd printed leaflet. There's not an extra column of text or a 5th X. Plus, look how the first X lines up with the B, whereas what you think is the first X wouldn't be under the B.


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