Stephen Lang

Quotes from Stephen Lang movies and TV shows

Col. Quaritch: A Marine in an Avatar body? Gives me the goosebumps!

Col. Quaritch: This low gravity'll make you soft. When you get soft... Pandora'll shit you out dead with zero warning.

Col. Quaritch: Look, Sully, I want you to learn this savages from the inside, I want you to gain their trust. I need to know how to force their cooperation or hammer them hard if they won't.

Col. Quaritch: You are not in Kansas anymore, you are on Pandora, ladies and gentlemen, respect that fact every second of every day.

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The Blind Man: There is nothing a man cannot do once he accepts the fact that there is no god.

The Blind Man: She was pregnant with my child. Now you've killed them both.

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Earl Kellogg: Someone once asked my daddy how far down Hell was and he said, "Just a quarter mile."

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Shrike: Sixty minutes is all it took to bring humanity to the very brink of extinction. Mankind mobilized, a new age arose. The Age of the Great Predator Cities, Survival of the Fastest.

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