Quotes from Rachel Roberts movies and TV shows

Ben Hussey: Well Ma'am, the strength of it is this. Three of your young ladies and uh - Miss McCraw are missing - on the rock.
Mrs. Appleyard: What happened?
Ben Hussey: Well now, Mrs. Appleyard, that's just the trouble. Nobody knows what happened.

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Simone: Are you ever going to tell the truth about me, Mr Taransky?

Simone: What's the matter, Viktor? You look so sad. Don't you love me anymore?

Simone: You're gonna get in a lot of trouble, Mr Taransky.
Viktor: Why do you have to bring that up?

Simone: Have you ever actually had dolphin? Pan-fried, with a little garlic and fennel.

Simone: God created little furry animals to be worn.

Simone: Everybody always talks about the negatives of cigarettes, but look at the benefits. I mean you don't eat as much and you've got something to hold in your hand.

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