Quotes from Martin Balsam movies and TV shows

Howard Simons: Then can we use their names?
Carl Bernstein: No.
Ben Bradlee: Goddammit, when is somebody going to go on the record in this story? You guys are about to write a story that says the former Attorney General, the highest-ranking law enforcement officer in this country, is a crook! Just be sure you're right.

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Bennett: What's the car for?
Paul Kersey: Bait.

Bennett: We heard shots. What happened?
Paul Kersey: I sent them a message.

Bennett: They call him "The Giggler."
Paul Kersey: Jesus, he really moves.

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Jack Crabb: Mr. Merriweather, you don't know when you're licked.
Mr. Merriweather: Licked? I'm not licked. I'm tarred and feathered, that's all.

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James Arthur Cummings: What are you doing with those steaks? Growing them?

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