Quotes from Tamala Jones movies and TV shows

Deep in Death - S2-E1

Beckett: How's it goin' up there?
Lanie: I got tree branches poking my boobs, and spotlights shining up my booty.
Esposito: It could be worse. You could be wearing a skirt.
Lanie: When I come down, I'm gonna smack you.
Esposito: Looking forward to that.


Nanny McDead - S1-E2

Lanie: But what I thought you might find really interesting, is the fact that she had sex within the hours before her death.
Beckett: Sex?
Castle: I'll explain how that works later.

Death Gone Crazy - S5-E12

Lanie: This is a 36D Sultura.
Beckett: Ooh, that's high-end.
Lanie: Definitely. One of these could run you 200, 250.
Esposito: 250 dollars, for a bra?
Lanie: Oh, but it's okay to spend that on a pair of sneakers, right?
Esposito: A pair of sneakers is practical. Okay? They can support your, um...
Castle: [Shaking his head at Espoosito.] Eject.

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