Burl Ives

Quotes from Burl Ives movies and TV shows

Captain Morton: I don't want a crew of whining sissies with table manners. I want MEN.
Doc: You've GOT men! That's your problem! If we were in combat it would be different. These men left their homes to fight, but they never got into the war! They're in limbo, Captain, trapped between heaven and hell on a floating 10-cent store.
Captain Morton: You "college" officers make me puke.

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Sam the Snowman: Well, for the first year, the Donners did a pretty fair job of hiding Rudolph's uh... nonconformity. Donner taught Rudolph all the ins and outs of being a reindeer: how to get food, how to fight off enemies, things like that. But most important... most important of all, he taught his son to beware of the Abominable Snow Monster of the North. He's mean. He's nasty. And he hates everything to do with Christmas.

Sam the Snowman: Now aside from the Abominable. Business goes on as usual. And soon, it is right before Christmas. And everybody's getting ready for that big, big sleigh ride on the night of the 24th, Christmas Eve. See, all the toys Santa brings are made by these elves. These elves have that certain knack for toy making, all except for this... this one misfit.

Sam the Snowman: Well, as good as everyone feels, this is no time for celebrating, because the next day is Christmas Eve, the biggest day of the year.

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Sheriff Earl Hawkins: Well there they be, son. Jonah and Jonah, Jr. They're so old they can't remember who's pappy and who's the son. They're weird and full of superstition. Burying a dead animal on their land can cause the cows to give bloody milk... or bring on a swarm of locusts.

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