Roberto Benigni

Quotes from Roberto Benigni movies and TV shows

Roberto: Not enough room to swing a cat... Cat. The animal.

Roberto: If looks can kill, I am dead now.

Roberto: And now I have falled in love, at last. I have finded my new home. She has asked to me if I stay here, to live together with her forever and ever. Like in a book for children.

Roberto: I scream. You scream. We all scream. For ice cream.

Roberto: It is a sad and beautiful world.
Zack: Yeah, it's a sad and beautiful world buddy.

Roberto: Very strange mother, my mother.

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Guido: Buon giorno, Principessa.

Guido: I forgot to tell you.
Dora: Go ahead.
Guido: You can't imagine how much I feel like making love to you. But I'll never tell anyone, especially not you. They'd have to torture me to make me say it.
Dora: Say what?
Guido: That I want to make love to you - not just once, but over and over again! But I'll never tell you that. I'd have to be crazy to tell you. I'd even make love to you now... right here for the rest of my life.

Guido: You can lose all your points for any one of three things. One: If you cry. Two: If you ask to see your mother. Three: If you're hungry and ask for a snack! Forget it.

Giosué Orefice: Look, they stopped the train to let Mom get on.
Guido: Dora.

Giosué Orefice: When can I see Mama?
Guido: When the game's over.

Guido: If you speak my name, I vanish. What am I? Silence.

Giosué Orefice: Daddy, I cannot find any of the other kids, and a lady came telling me to take a shower.
Guido: That's a good idea. You go take a shower.
Giosué Orefice: No.
Guido: Go take a shower.
Giosué Orefice: No.

Guido: What kind of place is this? It's beautiful: Pigeons fly, women fall from the sky! I'm moving here.

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