Everett McGill

Quotes from Everett McGill movies and TV shows

Woman: What's a mother to do? Lazy brat sits in her room all day, sewing dolls. Children misbehaving in the basement! And one in the wall, doing his business God knows where. You kids will be the death of me... the death of me.

Man: Burn in hell for gettin' free, and burn in hell for showin' the way.

Man: May they burn in hell.
Woman: Forever and ever in hell.

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Mercenary: Something's coming in. Intermittent signals, very faint.
Penn: F-117s. Stealths.
Travis Dane: They found us! Casey Fucking Ryback.
Penn: Shoot 'em down.
Travis Dane: I'd have to unlock Grazer from Washington. I don't have the transponder numbers! I can't target them! They'd kill all the hostages.

Travis Dane: Boom. Earthquake in mid-air.
Penn: That is the goddamndest thing I've ever seen.

Penn: I want every available man to resume a full train search, inside and out, car by car, including all AC ducting, all panelling, the roof, undercarriage, absolutely everything, right now!

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