Ryan Kwanten

Quotes from Ryan Kwanten movies and TV shows

Jamie Ashen: Who would've dug up a dummy and sent it to me?
Henry Walker: I don't know! No one from this town dares speak Mary Shaw's name, let alone go near her grave. They know she won't stop killing, until the screaming does.

Jamie Ashen: What do you want me to tell you.
Det. Jim Lipton: Something less perplexing than a ghost story.

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Howard McLaughlin: You can have Chariot.
Katherine "Katie" McLoughlin: It's not the same thing.
Howard McLaughlin: Well, four legs and a tail. Food goes in the front, out the back.

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Breeze: We did it!
Will: We're on the top of a truck, we haven't done shit.

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Jason Stackhouse: You're either on the dark side or you're on the side of the light.

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