Sam Waterston

Quotes from Sam Waterston movies and TV shows

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Sydney Schanberg: If anybody ever gets to read about this, you won't be able to look them in the face.

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Jack McCoy: Your grief might seem a little more real had you not just admitted you cut off your wife's head.

Det. Rey Curtis: You're a Catholic.
Jack McCoy: Not at work. Sorry.

ADA Jack McCoy: Sometimes Lennie Briscoe doesn't hit it out of the park.

ADA Jack McCoy: If that's the way you feel, Danielle, move to suppress.
Danielle Melnick: Right. Judge Logan's gonna rule fisa violates the Fourth Amendment. How many beers have you had?

Jack McCoy: The last time I checked, "Stupid" isn't a defense for murder.

eada Jack McCoy: You can re-write the law when you're appointed to the Supreme Court.
D.A. Arthur Branch: God willing.

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Matthew Trant: She's getting too big to be running around wild as a jack rabbit.
Abigail Trant: It used to be she was too little, and now she's too big. I guess she passed up just right when nobody was lookin'.

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