Kaya Scodelario

Quotes from Kaya Scodelario movies and TV shows

Haley: Apex predator all day.

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Thomas: How many kids do they have to roud up, torture, kill? When the hell does it stop?
Teresa: It stops when we find a cure.
Thomas: There is no goddamn cure.

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Carina Smyth: Men on that ship are looking for Jack. And Jack is on this boat. I'm going to swim for it!
Captain Jack Sparrow: How dare you do exactly what I'd do if I were you?

Carina Smyth: Who am I to you?
Captain Hector Barbossa: Treasure.

Henry: We are to be allies!
Carina Smyth: Considering where your left hand is, I'd say we're more than that.

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