Adam Driver

Quotes from Adam Driver movies and TV shows

Patrizia Reggiani: Gucci needs new blood. It's time to take out the trash.
Maurizio Gucci: But they're my family.
Patrizia Reggiani: So am I.

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Charlie: We didn't have a deal it was something we discussed.
Nora Fanshaw: So it's a deal when it's something you want. And a discussion when Nicole wants it?

Nicole: You shouldn't have fired Bert.
Charlie: I needed my own asshole.

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Sevier: Is it too much to ask you to punch me in the face? No? Never mind.

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Garupe: Take ME instead! take ME.

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Kylo Ren: That lightsaber belongs to me!
Finn: Come and get it.

Kylo Ren: Forgive me. I feel it again... The call from light. Supreme Leader senses it. Show me again the power of the darkness, and I'll let nothing stand in our way.

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Kylo Ren: Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. That's the only way to become what you are meant to be.

Kylo Ren: You come from nothing, you are nothing... but not to me.

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Phillip Altman: Sometimes I think you're too good for me.
Tracy Sullivan: Don't be silly, I'm definitely too good for you.

Judd Altman: I'm gonna have to forgive her for the sake of that kid, aren't I?
Phillip Altman: Well, I'm no expert... but I think you're gonna have to make much larger sacrifices down the road.

Judd Altman: What's the matter with you. Do you ever think before you speak?
Phillip Altman: No, that would take all the fun out of it.

Quinn Altman: Hi Phillip.
Phillip Altman: Quinn. I always knew there was something of a cold hearted slut in you.
Quinn Altman: It takes one to know one.
Phillip Altman: Touché, Pussycat.

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Allan: 99% honesty is the foundation of any relationship.

Wallace: Can I talk to you about something?
Allan: I just had sex and I'm about to eat NACHOS! It's the greatest moment of my life, unless you screw it up with whatever it is you're about to say.

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Jamie: I really loved your film. That scene with the dogs around the garbage. How did you stage that?
Josh: I said 'Hey, shoot those dogs'.

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