Quotes from Bill Bixby movies and TV shows

Doctor David Banner: What happened last night wasn't Thor's fault, it was yours and yours alone.
Donald Blake: David, you're not being fair to me.
Doctor David Banner: For two years now, two years this change of mine hasn't occurred, and do you know why? Because I've stayed away from people like you. People who start trouble and then run away. Well, you're not running away this time, Don, this time you're going to help wipe up the milk that you spilled! Do you understand?

Donald Blake: You are David Banner, aren't you? If you're not, I'll just apologize profusely and get out of here. I just couldn't let you zap yourself with that thing until I was sure.
Doctor David Banner: Who are you?
Donald Blake: You had a beard the last time I knew you. Harvard, ten years ago? You were the guest genius at the time, the resident Merlin and me, I was... I was in trouble a lot.
Doctor David Banner: Blake? Donald Blake?
Donald Blake: The one and only.

Donald Blake: I guess we could all learn something from the big goof.
Doctor David Banner: You sound like a man who's made peace with himself and his new partner.
Donald Blake: Yeah. Thor and I are a part of each other.

Donald Blake: Then you'll step back in front of the death ray.
Doctor David Banner: Life ray for me.

Doctor David Banner: The wrath of God in a bottle.

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David Banner: Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

The Incredible Hulk - S1-E1

David Banner: I love you, Elaina. I think you loved me too. Although you never said it.

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Uncle Martin: We don't have love at first sight on Mars. Either it was too silly to bother with, or it was something we discarded in our Dusk Ages.
Tim O'Hara: You mean the Dark Ages?
Uncle Martin: We were never that primitive.

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